10 most amazing libraries in the world

The library is not always a quiet and boring place. Some such institutions are so amazing that they should be told in detail.

Top 10 most unusual libraries in the world:

1. "The Library Resort"- This is a hotel, but not quite normal. Here you can relax not only physically, but also mentally, spiritually. And numerous books will help in this, among which there are, by the way, Russian-speaking ones. They are stored in the library, located next to the pool.

Thus, all guests can not just lie on the sun loungers and enjoy the gentle rays of the sun, but also develop, enrich themselves culturally and spiritually. Conservatives, accustomed to the pleasant rustling of pages and the smell of paper, are suitable for printed publications, but for young people today, electronic works are available, which can be enjoyed with the help of ultramodern computers available in all hotel rooms (free internet is attached, of course). This wonderful place is located in Thailand, on the beach of Chaweng Koh Samui Island.

2New Alexandria Library or Alexandrina Library. She is in Egypt and pleases the eye for more than 10 years. Almost two thousand years ago, the legendary Library of Alexandria was here, but, unfortunately, it was destroyed. Egyptian authorities decided to revive the wealth of the country, and therefore allocated more than 238 million dollars for a new project. In 2002, the doors of this unique building finally opened to readers.

And the library of Alexandrina is located inside the pool. The building itself has a disk shape that personifies the sun god Ra, as well as the sunrise of knowledge. Inside the disc is a whole huge network that can be compared with the Universe. The huge fund includes about eight billion books.

There are numerous reading rooms, including for children and the blind, art galleries and even a planetarium. There is also a unique laboratory in the building where damaged books are repaired. The area of ​​the largest hall is as much as 70 thousand square meters! By the way, the walls are lined with granite, and graphical systems are carved on them, moreover in 120 languages ​​of the world.

3. Public Library "Bishan"is located in Singapore and is an architectural and cultural landmark of the state. It reminds the most ordinary, but everything has a unique feature. So, in the building there are halls in which you can calmly discuss recently read books. Excellent noise isolation allows you to not interfere with readers and talk loudly and emotionally.

In addition, such premises are decorated with the help of glasses of all colors of the rainbow, which create a positive and cheerful atmosphere that sets up creative thinking. By the way, it is not only pleasant to be in this library, but it is also convenient to choose and receive books. The whole process is automated, so by choosing a favorite work from a large and regularly growing base, you can literally get it in a few minutes and immerse yourself in reading.

4. There are many unusual places in the Netherlands, and one of them isdug-out libraryor wigwam and referring to Delft Technical University. This building, by the way, fits perfectly into the landscape. Its walls are sloping and low, as well as covered with grass, so that after classes, students are happy to rest on them after classes.

This library was built in 1997, and its internal design is somewhat reminiscent of not a place to read, but a bunker designed to shelter from the attacks of the enemy. In this unique building fit not only the reading rooms and the book depository, but also the binding department, the university publishing house and even a bookstore.

5.Italy has amazingthe Sandro Penn library. What is it that tourists will remember? First of all, its appearance and shape. It looks like a flying saucer, and with transparent walls painted in a nice pink color.

But this is not all. Readers will appreciate the interesting futuristic interior, unusual and intelligent lighting, consisting of artificial and natural light, and sound insulation of all reading rooms. In addition, this institution works around the clock, so you can come for a new book at any time.

6. There is a very interesting library in France. She bears nameLouis Nucerand is the world's first inhabited sculpture. And this composition, by the way, is very creative, since it is a head with a cube on it. This strange building was built in 2002 according to the project of Francis Chapus and Yves Bayard. This building almost immediately became a landmark in Nice.

But access to the library is not open to everyone. Tourists or ordinary readers will not be able to get here, this institution works exclusively for the elite. Only administrative departments are functioning, and everyone else can enjoy books in a more primitive building located next door.

7.In Colombia islibrary "Pargue Espana". It all started with the fact that the small Colombian city of Medellin gained notoriety and was known as the “cocaine capital”. And to refute this information, the Colombian government decided to build several cultural institutions here, among which was the library.

It was built by the project of Giancarlo Mazanti in 2007. The design of the building is very unusual, so from a distance it looks like a group of rocks. But inside these gray polyhedra you can find many reading rooms and even modern computer classes. By the way, in order to carry out this project, the authorities had to demolish an entire slum area located on the mountainside.

8.Publiclibrary located in Kansas(USA), it is simply impossible not to notice. And looking at it, you can immediately understand that this is exactly the place to read, because it looks like a huge bookshelf.In general, a stack of books is a high wall in front of the building, which was designed to close a parking area that spoils the appearance of the library.

The width of one book from an improvised shelf is about two meters, and its height is about 8 meters. Among the works you can find such as "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", "The Lord of the Rings", "100 Years of Solitude", "Romeo and Juliet" and others.

9. In the US, there is another uniquelibrary. She bears the name of patronTheodore Suze Geiseland refers to the University of California San Diego. The building itself, which was built in the 70s of the last century, symbolizes the tree of knowledge and really looks like the trunk and crown of a tree. There are three floors, but the latter is not used yet and is reserved for an emergency exit. The entrance to the building is designed as a color composition. In addition, there is an inscription "Read, write, think, dream", which as it encourages all readers to learn new books.

10. Liyuan Library, China. It is noteworthy, first of all, because it is not located in the center of the city, as is usually the case, but in the Huairou village. This is a real book temple, which looks like an ancient fortress.The building was designed by the architect Tsinghua Li Xiaodong. There is such an amazing structure of glass, as well as of 45 thousand wooden rods.

Tables and even chairs in this library you will not find. But readers will be able to sit on mats located on the shelves-terraces, which are built bookshelves. By the way, there is no electricity here, so the library is illuminated exclusively by the sun rays penetrating an absolutely transparent glass roof. And that is why the institution closes quite early: at 16:30.

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