18 dads who took jokes to a new level.

Does your dad love joking too? Fathers know a lot about jokes, gags andfun tomfoolery. We will show 18 frames that will bring you to a fit of laughter! In these photos dad come off at 100%! Just look at what serious and adult men can do forexcellent jokes.

Dads and their jokes

1.“Father went to Tokyo. I asked to take photos from the hotel ... "

2.“I persuaded my father to buy a new phone after years of using the Nokia 3310”.

3.“Dad's office. Top secrets and bottom secrets ".

4. Dad sent photos.

5. How happy he is!

6. Repair with dad.

7.“Dad said the dog settled in my room after leaving for college. And sent me this photo.

8.“My friend's father is a dentist. And this is his Halloween pumpkin. ”

9."Dad left it in the shower to scare me."

10. Lunch at a school for ryan in a lingerie bag.

11. Marilyn Manson's dad decided to surprise his son.

12.“My father thought that my bath bombs are a toilet cleaner.”

13. The job of a humorous father for Christmas.

14.“Mom asked for a little Christmas tree for the holidays. And I received this from my dad! ”

15. A gift from the father after graduation. $ 4!

16. This joker is often called a marker because of his love for bright neon colors. And he took and dressed in the appropriate costume.

17. Shopping with dad is okrut!

18. These are the games.