18-year-old daughter Reese Witherspoon does not upset a comparison with her mother

Celebrity children cannot avoid comparisons with their stellar parents, but can react to them in different ways. And if Kaya Gerber is ready to fiercely defend the right not to be a “mini-Cindy”, as she was called in honor of supermodel mother Cindy Crawford, then Reese Witherspoon’s daughter and Ryan Phillip - Ave - this prospect does not seem to be a reason for drama. At the traditional debutantes' ball at the Parisian Peninsula Hotel, where Ava arrived with her mother, she conquered all the guests with a dazzling appearance, calm relaxed behavior and ... an incredible resemblance to Reese. During the evening, Ava heard more than once admiring compliments about her appearance and similarity to Reese, but she did not become offended about this: it seems that similar comparisons are more likely to flatter her.