22 mistakes on a date, after which he will not call back

Men told real stories of not the most successful dates, which did not continue due to the strange and sometimes shocking behavior of girls. And Wday.ru ranked the most popular mistakes on the first date.

If a girl smokes

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It is no secret that most men are rather negative towards young smokers. Especially if the guy himself does not smoke and leads a healthy lifestyle.

Anton, lawyer, 27 years old:

“I invited the girl to walk along the embankment. The first impression was wonderful: we talked a lot, found common themes, and the girl herself turned out to be very pretty. Until she pulled out a cigarette and lit it. I am not a snob and not a hypocrite, everyone has the right to dispose of his health as he wants. But honestly - it became unpleasant. Near the playground, mothers are walking with children, and ... my companion, trying to light a cigarette in the wind. The flame went out all the time, but it was puffing so actively, trying to smoke.Funny and disgusting, honest word! Thus, our first and last promenade was completed by three of us - me, she, and a smoking smoking stick. ”

Sergey, a journalist, 32 years old:

“For a very long time I liked one girl, my sister's friend. Somehow we went to the barbecue with friends, and I persuaded my sister to invite Vika (that friend). And still arranged that I drove her in a car. According to my cunning idea, we had to get to the picnic site together, along the way, I thought, let's talk, try to conquer it and ask for a phone number. So here. While we were driving, I was thinking - well, it would be faster to get to the place! She smoked the whole car for me (I don’t smoke at all and I don’t allow my friends in the car) and covered it with ashes, which periodically flew to my face. I tried to hint. Then he could not stand it - he tore out a cigarette and threw it out the window. She called me an idiot, and we drove all the way in silence. I did not dare to ask a phone number. Yes, and did not want ... "

Behaves arrogantly

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Karim, sales manager, 36 years old:

“I met a girl. Dressed stylish, curls, makeup, but really nothing special. We just met, I was joking, I was trying to defuse the situation, but she looked at me almost contemptuously and didn’t even smile at all. She is silent, does not ask any questions, only snorts.I ask: “Anna, why do you behave like this?” As if I asked you for a loan, but now I don’t want to give up? “. And this beautiful woman answers: “But why don’t you see what I look like? I am possessed of a chic first date, but not in the park to hang around. ” I apologized and offered to finish the meeting in order not to waste each other’s time. ”

Artem, vet, 28 years old:

“I invite the girl for a date - agrees. On the day of the meeting he writes: “Where are we going?”. I write: "Dinner!". In response, I get something, by my standards, very strange: "I hope in a decent place?". I was taken aback, I answered the address of the restaurant where I was going to take her. She sent a displeased smiley. I canceled the date, why do I need such a princess? ”

Touches financial issues

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The desire to find a decent man is a laudable desire, but asking at the first date about the level of income and property in possession of the minimum is not correct.

Alexey, private entrepreneur, 38 years old:

“After the divorce, I quite often went on dates through a dating site. And several times I met girls who came not for a romantic meeting, but for an interview. They asked about where I see myself in 10 years, how much I earn.how I plan to develop my business, in which area I live, how many square meters I own, and so on. I understand that they are looking for a well-to-do husband, I don’t even mind, but what about a spiritual connection? ”

Pavel, sales representative, 30 years old:

“Katya made a strong impression on me. Slim, beautiful, feminine. But all the magic evaporated almost as soon as she opened her mouth. Almost the first question from Katie became: “How much do you earn?”. I earn enough and feel free to voice the numbers, but is it really the only thing that interests her? This was our last meeting. ”

Bust with cosmetics

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Every girl wants to look at the first date as spectacular and attractive as ever. In the course are all cosmetics, and sometimes in excessive quantities.

Rafael, manager, 24 years:

“A rather funny situation happened on the first date. Tied with a girl in a cafe. She is very beautiful, well-groomed, tanned (I noted to myself even then - in the winter, after all, it was). We talked a lot about travel. I then thought that, probably, she came back from some resort, and that boasts a tan.Yes, by the way, her hair was collected in a high tail. And so, when she got up to go out and turned her back on me ... I saw a white-very white strip of skin on my neck, behind my ears ... At first I was perplexed, and then it dawned on me that the girl had obviously gone too far with the foundation. I do not argue, she wanted the best, but it turned out as if the girl was wearing a mask. So - girls, either do not borscht with a tone, or smear everything! No offense!"

Oleg, entrepreneur, 31 years old:

“I remember watching the lips of my companion incessantly. No, not because her lips were so seductive ... Just such a thick layer of gloss was lying on her lips! He was glistening greasy and even somehow slobbering, but I kept thinking, if I kissed her, would I be able to wash him off later. ”

Can not wear heels

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Oh, how you want an elegant walk to conquer a guy. But only if the heels are of the right height, and their owner can elegantly move on them.

Peter, driver, 29 years:

“It was summer. With the girl decided to walk through the old town. You understand that the roads in the city are not the best. And so my companion decided that high heels are the best shoes for walking.In general, after 20 minutes of walking - tears and buying a plaster, after another 20 minutes - tears and sitting on a bench - we could not reach the cafe, after another 20 minutes - tears and calling a taxi again. I can not call a date unsuccessful - we are happy together for a year now. And without any heels! ”

Alexander, 34 years old, musician:

“I'm not tall. Let's just say - not a midget, but I won’t be a basketball player either. About the growth is not complexed. Before. Until I met a girl who went on a date not in high heels, but in huge heels. Lady Gaga would only envy. In general, the difference in height of 20 centimeters was felt not only by me, but also by the girl and everyone around her. ”

Too initiative

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Sometimes girls forget that they are weak and defenseless. Well, at least in appearance ...

Maxim, sales representative, 33 years:

“Parents since childhood instilled in me respect for women, I myself also raise my son (I am divorced). Give a hand, open the door, help bring things, give way, etc. - all this stuff is taken for granted. But there was a story in my life when I didn’t have time to make anything out of the above.I open the car door for the girl to help in a gentlemanly way - and she has already flopped on the seat; I open the door to the cafe - it is two steps ahead; I ask for the bill - she already asked. Maybe, of course, and I'm so slow. And then they themselves complain - there are no men. Paradox!"

Stanislav, advertising manager, 21:

“Walking with a girl, we witnessed a fight: three guys beat the fourth. I grabbed the phone and started calling the police. And the girl ... rushed to separate and save. No, it is, of course, a courageous act. Only I rushed after her. And three guys have already beaten two guys. ”

Eats little

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Yes, and it turns out to be a mistake too! After all, a man loves delicious food, and the prospect of eating only salads (after all, you claim with all your appearance that you don’t use anything else than silage) for them is disastrous.

Andrey, cook, 37 years old

“I love to eat - my profession talks about it! I don’t understand girls who order light salads on a date, and then frighten the cinema hall’s visitors and me with a hungry rumbling stomach. Do not be shy, you have to eat for health! We'll probably have to feed by force! "

Roman, an English teacher, 33 years:

“I do not consider myself to be a gourmet, I am absolutely omnivorous - the main thing is that it is tasty and with a soul. I met a girl, invited to a cafe. So she always commented to me what kind of junk food I eat, what they add to it, how to eat right, what I need to take on myself. Just like a nutritionist visited the reception.