3D Cardboard Clock

3D cardboard clock- we make with our own hands a beautiful and original wall   clock, which consists of cardboard boxes. It will not take much time and effort to manufacture these watches, and everything you need can be easily found.

Materials and tools:

  1. cardboard, for example, from cardboard boxes
  2. clockwork;
  3. black and white paint and brush
  4. paper;
  5. glue stick;
  6. double-sided tape;
  7. ruler and pencil;
  8. scissors;
  9. stationery knife.

Step 1

Draw a pattern on the cardboard (see. Figure) for gluing the boxes and cut out the pattern. Then we move the template onto the cardboard 13 times, cut out the blanks. We glue the boxes using glue stick. We will need 13 boxes.

Step 2

Paint the boxes in black or another color you like.

Step 3

Print the pattern with the numbers for the dial, cut out and paste them also onto the cardboard. We wait until the glue dries, cut the numbers out of cardboard and, if necessary, paint them with white paint.

Step 4

Now stick the numbers on the boxes using glue or double-sided tape. The numbers can be glued evenly or in a chaotic order.

In the remaining (13th) box we will install a clock mechanism.

Attach a box with a clockwork and boxes with numbers to the wall, for example, double-sided tape or nails (screws).