5 Russian brands that should be added to your wardrobe

Domestic designers are often criticized for not being able to make worthy and - no less importantly - wearable things. We will try to prove the opposite. Before you are Russian stamps that you should look at.

Luda Nikishina

Going in search of a new coat, be sure to check out Luda Nikishina’s account. Bestseller brands - classic woolen coats (no worse than Italian, honestly), which can be worn before the first frosts. They cost from 22,000 to 27,000 rubles. However, for the winter there are more suitable options - sheepskin coats and fur coats (on average 80 000 rubles). Those who adhere to ekovzglyadov, will find more affordable models of faux fur. The brand pays special attention to design (all ultramodern, no grandmother's variants) and colors that will color the grayest winter morning.