A universal prescription for headache

Treating the symptoms is beneficial. But not to you

The idea that you can cure an abstract "headache" or "fatigue" is actively supported in advertising. It is very convenient for manufacturers of vitamins to invent a story about the fact that there is a certain “breakdown” that can be overcome with the help of a multivitamin complex.

It is extremely beneficial for manufacturers of painkillers to show the target audience a simple scheme with localization of pain in the head, neck, back, joints, lower abdomen - in other words, to identify the most frequent types of pain syndromes and declare that their painkiller will effectively cope with any of the listed pain sites. Where does this pain come from, what is it talking about - who cares when the anesthetic pain relieves, as many as 20 tablets per pack, which means that for three weeks you can forget about the problem.

A universal prescription for headache

Yoghurt-sized thimble makers, where they manage to add almost half a cup of sugar, really need to convince the consumer that there is immunity, cold weather and yogurt, which needs to be eaten.If this miracle product is ingested daily, cold weather will not be terrible and immunity will be strengthened. What is the difference, you have AIDS or tuberculosis? The main thing is that yogurt is always in the fridge!

The pharmacist in the drugstore spit on the fact that you have a cough does not pass for three months already. He is not responsible for any consequences for the buyer, and therefore in his head he is running the generator of random names of drugs. A little more often he will call those drugs for which the expiration date expires or about which he was told in training (where everything, right up to the buffet table and the ridiculous pen with the bunny, was paid for by the pharmaceutical company). The pharmacist will take a bored glance at this pen with a bunny, after which he will offer you a medicine, the name of which is written on the plastic surface of the product.

It is very beneficial for an editor of a healthy lifestyle magazine to post some simple articles like “Headache - it's time to think about detox” or “Acne is a sign of bad karma.” Because they have consistently high attendance: people are sure that a universal recipe for their ailments exists, you just have to look in social networks.It’s understandable that you don’t have to go to the hospital, because all doctors are in criminal collusion with pharmaceutical companies and they have one answer to all the questions - aspirin. The journal editor is not responsible for the consequences that may arise from detox with vegetable juices in a headache that has arisen from a brain tumor. He will not see such a patient (doctors of the emergency department of the hospital will see him), so he will continue to place in the journal beautiful texts on the meaninglessness that chronic fatigue syndrome can be cured by positive thinking and raw food on Thursdays.

Trend disease

Chronic fatigue syndrome is very fashionable. This is such a thing that every second decent person suffers from. That kind of young and healthy uvalien thirty years old, working in the office. But suddenly he was overtaken by thoughts of the futility of being, which do not allow one to get out of bed in the mornings, and only inhuman efforts and two liters of intravenous coffee make it possible to make a breakthrough to work, where he immediately plunges into a sweet prostration and reading funny publics in VKontakte.

I realized that the syndrome of chronic fatigue is now in the trend, when I found out on the popular Internet resource full of pain and suffering the story of a young lady who has to live with this very disease. She walked endlessly to specialists, some advised her to give birth or wear a foil hat. She, of course, did not listen to them. Other doctors recommended that these and these examinations be performed, after which they were prescribed to drink different drugs. Of course, she didn’t follow their recommendations either. Others mumbled something about antidepressants and the need to take their lives at least some things, except for suffering about their own health. They caused a special hostility in the heroine and rejection.

A universal prescription for headache

In general, all around were completely evil, unprofessional mugs without sympathy, did not recognize her as a poor cat, and were not released from work, but forced to examine and drink tablets without end. Chronic fatigue progressed, and by the middle of her narrative the reader is already dropping tears of sympathy, reading about how the poor thing had to wash in the basin, because there was no strength to stand upright.

Fashion history of medicine

In the 19th century, it was fashionable to suffer from anemia - this allowed the lady to faint in a favorable manner at the moments when the topics for conversations with the young man were over. Then they learned to fight with anemia, the complete blood test was no longer a wonder, people understood what food iron was in, and the corsets that provoked fainting were canceled, and vegetative dystonia replaced anemia.

About what is the autonomic nervous system, doctors at first knew not that much. But it was clear that it was impossible to consciously manage this part of the nervous system, which means that it was very beneficial for the patients to write off all the incomprehensible symptoms to the tricks of the mysterious IRR. And so it happened: crowds of people tormented others with complaints of irritability, sweating, poor sleep, palpitations, fainting, and so on. However, medicine did not stand still. Gradually, it became clear that it would not be possible to designate the autonomic nervous system as the culprit of all ailments, and the doctor would still have to study the causes of the symptoms for a long time and diligently, driving the patient through examinations and looking for what kind of system is failing.

A universal prescription for headache

Immediately after this, a significant part of the sufferers with the IRR "retrained" in patients with hypothyroidism and other endocrine diseases, some discovered chronic infections in themselves, and the rest went successfully to treat depressive disorders in psychiatrists and psychotherapists. Anyway, now the majority of educated people are aware that the diagnosis of the “IRR” should cause serious doubts and a number of questions to the doctor who has put this diagnosis right away.

And on the stage there is chronic fatigue syndrome, which is intended to explain the complex of ailments that occurs in every second. What to do? Drink vitamins, from which exactly will not be worse, but you see, and better? Switch from coffee to beetroot-celery fresh, and from night freelancing to meditation?

A symptom always has a cause

Headache can not be treated with painkillers and more while doing nothing. As well as the rest of the symptoms will not be able to overcome the means found on the Web at random. It will not be possible to find a magic recipe, bypassing the mandatory stage, which precedes the successful treatment - diagnosis. This means that you will have to be examined.But quality diagnostics seriously increases the chances of success (and sometimes allows you to save lives).

Modern medicine does not know how to find the causes of all diseases.

That is why people in white coats first examine you for weeks, and then shrug their shoulders and say vague phrases about vascular dystonia. Good news: doctors do not have many such patients.

Most of those who honestly pass all examinations and thoroughly implement the recommendations are recovering. Medicine does not stand still. This means that the possibilities to detect the disease and treat it are becoming more and more impressive. Despite the fact that we live in a country with not very developed health care.

"Frequent diseases happen often, and rare rarely"

This means that you most likely have a tension headache, because you work in an office and completely forget about sports and other joys of life, deadlines follow one after another, your dollar credit for cars dreams you in nightmares every night, and there is no There is no end to these sorrows.

A universal prescription for headache

Most likely, you just eat unbalanced. Too much and fanatically, or, conversely, not enough exercise.Sleep a little. Too much thinking about yourself and completely forgot how happy it is sometimes to think about others, why the neurotransmitter exchange in your brain began to change not for the better, and depression just around the corner (this is what the arrogant doctor who advises you to marry and give birth).

However, one in two hundred people will have HIV, and one in 100,000 will have a brain tumor. This means that among the thousands of people who suffer from a tension headache, there will be one who has absolutely, catastrophically no time for stupidity like the advice of a pharmacist or folk recipes.

Therefore, to consult a doctor, bypassing the views of a neighbor and advertising from a TV, is the best thing you can do for your health. The search for a universal prescription for ailment, the cause of which you do not know, is akin to searching for a philosopher's stone or a flower of a fern in a moonlit night. And to get working recommendations, you will have to go to the harsh reality of the city polyclinic or slightly less severe - a private medical center.