Advantages and disadvantages of roller blinds

Roller blinds are becoming more and more popular today. And for good reason. It should be noted the following advantages:

- A variety of designs. The fabric, which is used to create roller blinds, can be of different colors and patterns. You can find curtains that fit the most demanding room decoration.

- Different light transmission ability. You can find curtains that almost completely block the light pouring from the window, and you can choose the option that replaces the tulle.

Advantages and disadvantages of roller blinds

- Simple design. The device of such curtains is elementary - a strip of fabric is wound onto the shaft and held by a weighting rod. Managing them is also very simple.

- Versatility. Rolled curtains discreet design will look great in the office. And still rolled curtains can be used where traditional curtains will be useless - on an inclined roof window.

Advantages and disadvantages of roller blinds

- Compactness. For example, roller blinds allow you to install furniture close to the window.

It should also be noted that roller blinds are perfectly combined with other curtains, suitable for windows of different sizes. It is also important to mention the practicality of roller blinds, because most often manufacturers offer us canvases soaked in a special compound that protects the fabric from dirt, moisture and even fire. And the most simple roller blinds are easy to sew with your own hands.

The disadvantages of roller blinds should include:

- Special care that requires curtain fabric.

- The vulnerability of the lifting mechanism, especially in low-cost options and when installed with a skew.