Advise tire fitting

Recently bought a car and now in search of a suitable tire in Moscow - that it was located relatively close to the house and did a good job. Soon we have to replace tires from winter to summer. Eye on the option of mobile tire very interested. Has someone already used their services? What do you think?
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Answered on March 17 02:30
Very interesting option - never heard of it. It seems to me that it is convenient, it is not necessary to specifically set aside time for the trip - the masters themselves come and do everything on the spot.
Answered on March 17 02:34
Excellent service, very convenient - I turned to such a service when I broke the wheel - arrived promptly and repaired, in general, they did it in the best possible way. True, it was not in Moscow.
Answered on March 17 02:41
The idea, in principle, is not bad. But I prefer to go to a stationary tire service, even though it’s too far to go, but I definitely have all the necessary equipment and tools, and I already know almost everybody.