Alcohol mask for hair loss

For the preparation of home cosmetics is better to use a variety of herbal tinctures on alcohol, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or do it yourself. You can use alcoholic beverages, such as wine or brandy.
Alcohol irritates the scalp, improves microcirculation in the tissues, thereby enhancing the beneficial properties of herbs. It is better to apply masks based on alcohol-containing substances before washing the head, so as not to overdry skin and hair.
Pepper tincture, based on ginseng and parsley, helps with hair loss. They can be rubbed into the scalp several times a week.
Pepper mask:
- Pepper tincture - 1 tbsp. a spoon;
- Honey - 5 tbsp. spoons.
The components of the mask mix well and apply on the scalp and hair roots. It is not recommended to apply a mask over the entire length in order to avoid drying the hair. The head should be wrapped with a film and a towel, after which the mask is washed off with water.The mask is used once a week, the duration of the course is at least 3 months.
When using the mask, you must take precautions - avoid getting tincture in the eyes, use gloves when irritated skin of the hands. During treatment it is not recommended to dye hair or perm. When drying the scalp, dandruff or unpleasant sensations (burning or itching) it is recommended to add olive or almond oil to the mask.