All the signs associated with the dishes

No mistress can not do without utensils, and it has been used since ancient times, so many signs and superstitions associated with it have appeared. Consider the most famous of them.


So, what are the signs associated with the dishes?

  • Broken dishes for many are associated with happiness, but in fact, initially, on the contrary, it personified misfortunes. So, the Slavs clay pot was a symbol of well-being, which God gave Jarilo (it is the pagan sun god). And if such a thing was broken, then it was believed that Yaril showed disrespect, for which he could punish. And the phrase "for good luck" probably was a kind of protection from trouble, a plot from the misfortunes that the sun god could bring to the house of an inaccurate mistress who broke dishes.
  • Why can not be stored at home broken dishes? Its energy is negative, it is associated with losses, destruction. Therefore, if in your closet is very expensive you and a beautiful cup with a chip, then you literally scare away well-being and luck, so it is desirable to get rid of such items.By the way, it is especially important to throw out all the dishes, broken during a quarrel, as its energy is especially dangerous and strong.
  • A person who eats from a knife can become harmful and evil. This is probably due to the energy of aggression, which is carried by all sharp objects (after all, they are usually used to fight).
  • If a knife fell from the table, then a man will soon come to the house, and if a fork or spoon, then you need to wait for the woman. If the guests are not welcome, then the subject must be knocked on the floor three times, then no one will come.
  • Covering the table, first of all it should put a salt shaker to avoid disagreements and quarrels.
  • There is a belief that the hostess should put a knife under the tablecloth. In this case, all the guests will be satisfied and full.
  • At weddings decided to beat the dishes. But why do it? It is believed that such a gesture will allow to leave behind all the hardships and troubles and to start a family life with a clean slate, so that it is long and happy.
  • If a girl who really wants a child drinks from a glass or a mug from which the pregnant woman drank, then soon she will become pregnant too, since this object is “charged” with special energy, and it can be transmitted.
  • If some item of dishes suddenly cracked, and for no apparent reason, this may portend some differences in the family, quarrels or financial difficulties. But in order to avoid all this, you should throw such dishes away.
  • If a woman broke a filled glass, then she should be more attentive to her second half. Probably, the man has another, or he admits the possibility of adultery.
  • If a glass is broken by a man, then it can promise success in business, material prosperity, good luck in business or profitable transactions.
  • It is impossible to stick a knife into the bread and even more so to leave it in this position, it is believed that because of such a disrespect for food, in the future it may become much less in the house.
  • If you accidentally dropped a cup, then a good person will probably notice you in the near future.
  • Unintentionally, if you smashed a plate, then this may bode well.
  • Suddenly broke a glass? This may indicate that you may soon begin a romantic relationship.
  • Never leave dirty dishes for the night. There are several reasons for this. The first and most obvious: the next day, the remains of food on the surface will dry up, and it will be much more difficult to wash them away. The second reason is the dissatisfaction of the brownie.Most of these creatures love order in the house, and negligent owners punish, for example, with the help of missing things and other minor mischief. The third reason is that the dirt, in principle, carries bad energy, it can bring trouble into the dwelling.
  • At night, do not leave a knife on the table, it can attract misfortunes and provoke the intrigues of enemies.
  • In ancient times, people believed that dishes could attract evil, so for the night it was decided to turn it upside down, it will scare away evil spirits.
  • During the holidays, there are usually a lot of bottles on the table. So: the empty ones must be cleaned and immediately thrown away, otherwise you could run out of money.
  • If you took a plate from someone, then return it filled with something, otherwise in the future you will be hungry for your greed, and the one who lent the dishes will refuse to help.
  • It is considered a bad omen to beat glassware, since glass has long been considered a symbol of purity, sincerity, innocence. And if you break it, then all this can leave you and your home.
  • Use any dishes should be only as intended. So if, for example, you store some pencils in a glass or in a plate, it can be perceived as a disrespect to long-standing traditions, the violation of which can lead to trouble.


What dreams of dishes? Here are the most common interpretations of such dreams:

  • If you dreamed of a large number of broken dishes, wait for conflicts in the family.
  • If the dishes were clean and shiny, then prosperity awaits you.
  • If the dishes fell out of your hands and broke, then your efforts will be in vain, your plan will not be realized.
  • If you buy dishes, then, probably, big changes are waiting for you soon, something in your life will change dramatically.
  • If you are standing in a store and choosing dishes, considering some beautiful objects, then you will have a long and happy family life.
  • If you wash the dishes in a dream, then, in real life, you are often nervous, often experiencing stress and want to be freed from something.
  • If you give dishes to your relative, then family relationships will soon improve. If such a gift from you gets your boss, then you are waiting for promotion on the career ladder.
  • If you remove the dishes from the table, then you need protection, at the moment of life you are very vulnerable and subject to negative influences.
  • If you dreamed of plates with chips and cracks, then you are waiting for some trouble.
  • If you dream of crystal dishes, then you have to make a choice, take some important decision.
  • Porcelain dishes can promise to whom she dreamed a pleasant pastime with relatives or friends.
  • New packaged dishes - problems in personal life.
  • Unwashed dishes - psychological stress.
  • Empty dishes on the table - lack of money.
  • Silverware - timely help in solving problems.
  • White dishes - a promotion.

And what signs do you believe?

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