Alphabet from furry (chenille) wire

Our today's crafts - letters of the alphabet with their own hands! As a result, we get letters from fluffy wire. The manual is very simple and bright.

Teaching children will be a joy if both participating parties showed interest in this process: both an adult and his small student. When children learn, they should be able to deal with such subjects, which spur their interest, motivate, carry away. Excellent educational tools for children can be created independently by applying a little imagination.

 hay wire crafts

crafts from hay wire

It is known that abstract concepts should be presented to small students by demonstrating visual, real things. So, when studying the alphabet, it is recommended to use beautiful letters that you can create with your own hands without any problems. For example, you and your child can cut out letters of the alphabet out of paper, or use your own hands to blind them from salt dough.Scissors and salt dough are excellent means of developing fine motor skills.

An interesting and non-standard solution is to make unusual letters of the alphabet out of fluffy wire with your own hands, which can be found in a shop with sewing accessories.