Ambra: hair coloring with a photo: fashion trends of the season 2015-2016

Ambra: hair coloring with photo: fashion trends of the season 2014-2015The coloring of the hair of the ambre is a two-tone painting along the entire length, with a blurred horizontal border between the two shades. This method looks very interesting and popular this season. Part of the hair, which is from the roots to the middle, is left in a natural color, and then there is a gradual transition to another shade, which becomes especially intense and bright at the very tip. There are variants of ambergris staining, which look very impressive, for example, when dark brown hair passes to a blonde. But this season the tendency towards naturalness is clearly outlined, therefore amber is recommended to be made soft, creating the effect of “solar” coloring. In this case, the result will be as close as possible to natural burnout. To create such an effect, a composition is selected that will make the strands one tone lighter than the “relatives”.

Although many brave girls, trying to be more spectacular, choose a game of contrasts with clear transitions. Most often make the transition from dark hair to almost white and from natural to bright orange, red or copper. But amber hair dyeing can be done for every taste.

Ambre, hair coloring: technologyAmbra: hair coloring with photo: fashion trends of the season 2014-2015

It is possible to dye hair with the use of carved techniques:

  1. The first way is to divide all the hair into strands (about six), each of which combed. Then on each paint is applied to about half the length, after which the strand is wrapped in foil. If you still color the tips of the bangs, you will get a very bright, sparkling image. Rate this photo of hair painting amber.
  2. The second technique involves applying paint to individual strands, while the paint should be applied from top to bottom, the tips should be painted more intensively. The final result will be smooth and calm.Ambra: hair coloring with photo: fashion trends of the season 2014-2015

Considering the photo of hair color amber, you need to understand that to achieve such a result at home on their own - an incredibly difficult task. To make the hairstyle look perfect, painting in the salons is carried out with a special brush, observing a special technique.It is practically impossible to independently carry out the necessary clarity of transition and the desired shade, it is difficult to do even for a professional. You can also look at photos of hair dyeing amber before and after in the salon on the pages of our website.Ambra: hair coloring with photo: fashion trends of the season 2014-2015

Ambra, hair coloring: photo and "home" technology

If you decide to try out this method of painting on your own, then you should prepare well.

To dye hair, amber will require:

  • brightener on the required number of tones;
  • brush for applying the mixture;
  • mixing bowl;
  • foil;
  • gloves.

Staining technology:

  1. Prepare a clarifier in a bowl according to the package instructions.
  2. Divide all the hair into strands and quickly apply paint to each half of its length.
  3. You need to start a little below the middle of the hair. Wrap each strand in foil.
  4. After 20 minutes, apply a little more paint on the hair that is higher.
  5. After 10 minutes, rinse with warm water.
  6. After the strands have dried a little, for another 10 minutes, apply paint only on the tips in order to lighten them as much as possible.