What do you know about tin dishes?

choose decorative tin plates

When it comes to tin, the first thing that comes to mind is tin soldiers. Although the metal, or rather, its alloy is used for the production of not only decorative items and souvenirs, but also kitchen utensils. Pewter?! Is it possible to eat from it? Many will exclaim now ... Let's sort it out together.

Quite definitely and hand on heart it can be said that tin is the purest metal. Eco-friendly, as is now fashionable to say. It can even be attributed to the noble ones and put in fourth place after platinum, gold and silver. Since ancient times, items made of tin, including dishes, have been considered a sign of not only good taste, but also prosperity. I must say that today tin products are very valuable, both from the point of view of practicality, and from the point of view of aesthetics. You can buy gift plates made of tin as a gift to managers, business partners, to emphasize their status.

Of the eras of the past, there is a trail of rumors that tin can cause poisoning if you use plates and cups for their intended purpose. The fact is that tin in its pure form is a rather fragile material. To add plasticity to it in antiquity, lead was admixed to tin without paying attention to its toxicity. Today, copper is used as a companion, and then in small quantities. Food tin or pewter, 92-95% consists of tin and only a minor 5-8% is a safe impurity in the form of copper or antimony.

In order to be confident in this composition, we must give preference to proven and well-known manufacturers who certify their products, value their reputation and every customer. One such is the German-Austrian brand Artina SKS. The company on the market for about 50 years and during this time has become a reference European company. Interesting anniversary series of dishes on the cities of Germany, hunting or fishing. You can choose decorative tin plates, German beer mugs, glasses and cups, decanters and shtofs decorated with skillful bas-reliefs and fine engravings as a gift for a particularly significant event.

Another master company producing souvenirs and tin dishes is English English Pewter. The series of English beer mugs and pocket flasks on Celtic themes is especially adorable. It is unlikely that the kilt owner will find anywhere else a special round flask to carry in a sporran. A rectangular with rounded corners with success can be worn in the breast pocket of a business suit. In general, if you are in search of a status gift for a man or are puzzled by the choice of a present to your husband for a tin wedding, we advise you to pay attention to tin cups, flasks, glasses and cups. But for women, you can pick up the fruit dishes, vases and decorative items from this material.