Are there transparent mobile phones?


The first concept phone was made transparent by Polytron, which is located in Taiwan. Before the presentation of this development, the company did not have much popularity, but the company was able to distinguish itself and enter the market of modern devices with its own idea.
The transparency of the phone is achieved through the implementation of a special Switchable Glass technology using OLED, built on the basis of nano-components responsible for transferring the image to the display. The device is fully touch. While the phone is locked, the molecules are rearranged and form a matte effect. Thanks to the implemented approach, the company manages to achieve the possibility of using a two-way touch screen. The components that transmit the image on the screen are invisible to the human eye. However, the phone is not completely transparent - on the bottom of the gadget is a board, a connector for a flash drive, a speaker.At the top are a camera and speaker for audio playback.The price of the device from the Taiwanese company can reach $ 1000 per copy.


One of the first developments on the basis of the transparent glass technology was the Lenovo Glass Phone. The device is not fully touch and its lower part is still covered with a plastic case and a keyboard. However, according to the developers, the device will have a touch screen, two active SIM cards and have a built-in viewfinder with a 1.3 megapixel matrix.Most modern transparent phones remain concepts, despite attempts by global manufacturers.
Unlike most other devices, the LG GD900 Glass Phone was still released. However, it cannot be called completely transparent, since the glass part of a mobile phone is only a keyboard. The device was released in the slider form factor and has a 3-inch touch screen, as well as a proprietary S-Class interface for Android.
The company Samsung, which has already several times announced the active development of a fully transparent device, has not yet launched a fully glass gadget into mass production.The corporation only managed to patent the technology of a transparent two-way touch screen. Finnish manufacturer Nokia announced the development of two models of a transparent phone, one of which should receive not only a transparent screen, but also the ability to change the bending of the case. But today, none of the ideas of the Finnish company has yet been implemented.