Arthritis Diet

To begin with, it is sincere to say that a disease such as arthritis should, above all, be a signal for change in destiny. Lead a person to a healthy lifestyle, it is unlikely he would be sick and looking for solutions on how to get rid of these torments.

But the existing problem must be solved immediately, and most importantly, do not despair. After all, it is a sin, besides, it undermines the body's defenses and immunity.

Diet for arthritis and arthrosis

The general diet of the menu items can not be - every case is special and requires a professional approach. Common one. Food should be low-calorie. You can select only a list of products that favorably or adversely affect the body.

Products that help recovery:

  1. Oily fish such as tuna, mackerel, trout, sardines, salmon and herring. They contain a large amount of vitamin D, E and A, phosphorus, calcium. To restore the cartilage and bone tissue, these elements are necessary.
  2. Vegetable oil and nuts, containing large amounts of vitamin E and unsaturated fats.
  3. Products containing vitamin C.For example, orange, kiwi, lemon.

Dietary supplements are better not to buy. Expensive, and often meaningless - with natural food vitamin C is absorbed faster and almost completely.

Diet for arthritis and arthrosis. What products to avoid

Not recommended for use in food:

  1. Potatoes and Tomatoes
  2. Saturated Fat Products - Meat, Baking and Fat Dairy Products
  3. Dairy products if you do not tolerate lactose.

Diet for rheumatoid arthritis

For rheumatoid arthritis, the recommendations are the same - avoid high-calorie foods.

With daily meals, you need to use as many berries and fruits as possible containing vitamins PP, C, and B.

Remember that in rheumatoid arthritis the immune response of the body increases dramatically. This means that a negative reaction to an allergenic food can appear sharply. You yourself may not suspect this, but the body can negatively perceive pepper, potatoes, wheat, tomatoes and oranges.

Diet for arthritis and bad habits

Immediately give up alcohol and tobacco. In addition to the fact that they, in general, affect the tone of the whole body, they also interfere with the quality assimilation by the vitamin and microelements.

Nicotine reduces vitamin A levels in the body.And he, in turn, is essential for growth and replacement of new cartilage tissue. In addition, the substances contained in cigarettes interfere with the absorption of calcium in the bones. The actions are obvious: immediately quit smoking in order to start living a full life as soon as possible.

Alcohol is also not an aid in repairing damaged tissue. Each gram of alcohol is reflected in the vessels, especially small ones. Therefore, the process of feeding damaged tissues is extremely difficult.

And most importantly, do not ask why you are sick, ask why it was given to you. Defeat the disease, becoming better and stronger during the treatment, give up bad habits and begin a new and vibrant life with recovery. Nature gave you a signal that you live in the wrong way, use it to the maximum.

Be sure to consult individually with a good specialist! No need to look for folk methods such as "gargling with kerosene"! Constantly follow the trend of the disease!