Who has a bath, you yourself built or ordered from some company? Husband and his brother decided to build themselves, but then it doesn’t come on vidosikov on YouTube ...)))


Bath is a good thing! After watching the video, I realized that I should not even try to build a bathhouse myself. I decided to order the construction of a turnkey bath. Contact this company They offered me several ready-made projects, made some amendments. The guys built a bathhouse even faster than I expected! Now I often relax in my favorite bath.

Bathhouse is cool, well done what they decided to build.

Build a bathhouse or other wooden structure is good. Just as for me, it is important to still hold fire protection. all, more than once it was heard that a building caught fire and brought many losses. And why? Because they ignored the advice to make fire protection. And so they would have spent a small amount and did not have to sit later in damages.