“Black Friday” is a day you shouldn’t be afraid of.

The phrase "black friday" sounds frightening. But in fact, this day is not at all terrible. In addition, for many, he, by contrast, is the best day of the year.

What it is?

With the concept of "black Friday", many have already met, and many know about it firsthand. So, Black Friday is the day of mind-blowing sales, during which you can buy a lot of various goods with big discounts. That's what black friday is.

This day, many are waiting

In the United States, such days have been held annually for many years, but in recent years the tradition has begun to spread to the countries of Europe and Asia. Many people prepare for Black Friday all year round, because buyers have a unique opportunity to purchase goods with maximum benefit. Some do not even go to bed on Thursday, so as not to miss anything, because there are shops that start to work at 3-4 o'clock in the morning or even at midnight.

A bit of history

Black Fridays began to be arranged in the US in the XIX century. This event happened the day after Thanksgiving Day, which is celebrated annually in America. And since usually Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, then black Friday falls on the period from 23 to 29 November.

It is from this event that Christmas sales traditionally begin, at which Americans buy Christmas presents for their loved ones and friends. Of course, such a day is not considered to be an official holiday, so many have to take time off in order to enjoy the full amount of shopping.

Busy day

By the way, the very concept of “Black Friday” appeared for the first time in the state of Philadelphia in 1966. The fact is that usually on the day of sales it was incredibly difficult to get somewhere in the evening because of strong traffic jams (after all, everyone rushing to the shops). Then the term caught on, but at first it was used only on the east coast of America.

Black friday in usa and uk

Americans are accustomed to black Fridays because of regular holding, but still waiting for them every year. In the US, on this day, long queues can be seen at the entrances to the stores and at the cashier's offices.Some shoppers stormed the stores since the evening in order to be the first by the time of opening.

By the way, on a black Friday in America you can even buy weapons at a discount.

Black Friday began to gain popularity only in the 90s of the last century. Since then, the number of stores participating in the action has been increasing every year. In some stores, discounts reach 90%, which, of course, cannot but attract buyers. But such a stir is very dangerous.

We buy the maximum amount

For example, in recent years, in the UK, clashes were organized in some stores, and police officers had to be called to several points. And in Chicago, in the department of cosmetics, shooting was opened. Unfortunately, some buyers in the desire to purchase goods at a discount do not notice almost anything and turn into real hunters.

Black friday in other countries

Black Fridays began to be held in other countries, for example, in Ukraine, in Russia (here it was the first time this day passed in 2013), in Belarus and in others. But from the traditional American sales in other countries are still different.

Firstly, the discounts are not so impressive, and secondly, purchases during sales are carried out mainly in online stores online.But this year, many offline stores also opened their doors to customers and made many lucrative offers.

In 2014, such companies and points of sale as Technosila, Ozone, Enter, Aliexpress, Svyaznoy, Sotmarket, Puma, Microsoft, Adidas and many others took part in sales. -a lot others. The sale began on Thursday evening at 19:00 and ended only at midnight on Sunday.

In 2015, black Friday will also pass (it falls on November 27), and even more offline stores will be involved in the promotion (although purchases via the Internet can also be made).

How to find out about discounts?

To find out about the upcoming sales and prepare for them, check the information in stores or on the official websites of companies. There are also resources dedicated to black friday, which contain information about upcoming discounts in different outlets or online stores. Follow the news and stay informed.

What can I buy?

You can buy almost anything on Black Friday: household appliances and electronics, clothing (including children’s), accessories, toys, food, household goods and summer cottages, and even drugs.

Monday is Monday

This is madness

After a grand sale on a black Friday, you should not relax, because “cyber monday” is coming. In the US, on this day, sales start at most online stores, and in other countries, in which most purchases are made through a worldwide network, electronics can be purchased on Monday.

A few figures

  • In 2013, about 141 million Americans took part in the action. In total, they spent more than 61 billion dollars. On average, every American left about $ 400 in the store.
  • In Russia in 2013, only 100,000 purchases were made. The average amount of the check was 3 thousand rubles.
  • Sales on Black Friday increase by an average of 60-90%, and the profit from sales can grow to 50-60%.
  • Discounts usually range from 20 to 90% (most often apply to clothing and accessories).

Helpful Tips

Some tips for shopping on Black Friday:

  • Find out in advance in which stores are planned sales, and make a plan for shopping. First of all, go for the necessary goods, then go to shopping "for the soul."
  • Compare prices. The fact is that some companies offer goods allegedly at a discount, but in fact in another place they can be purchased at a much lower price without a discount.
  • Think in advance what to buy. Make a list so as not to get anything extra.
  • Buy only what you really need. Many throw in the basket everything that catches your eye. If you belong to this category of people or are afraid that you will not get anything, then, standing at the cash register, once again carefully examine all the goods and discard the excess.
  • Enjoy shopping and do not despair if you did not have time to buy something. Often, buyers return goods after sales, realizing that they were unnecessary. And such products in most cases put up for sale, reducing the price.
  • Do not take all the money with you.
  • It is best to make purchases using a bank card. So you will protect yourself from theft. But in case of blocking (some banks block accounts after writing off large amounts of funds from them) it is better to have a spare one.

Let shopping be successful and profitable!

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