Bow Tie

Despite the fact that no matter what means a person does not possess, he wants to look stately and elegant. In addition, no weather can prevent you from looking appropriately, as long as there is a desire to do everything for your own kind. After all, how effectively you will look in society depends on a small detail of your clothes, and accessories that are well chosen for them. Ball or a regular party - you must look gorgeous! To do this, it is not necessary to buy new things, you can simply dilute your smart-outfit with something, for example - a blouse. If you are the owner of a wonderful blouse with a collar, but do not know what you can add to it to look unusual, then this is not a problem! You can make a bow tie with your own hands. Bow Tie - today is quite a popular trend. An ordinary purchased butterfly will not be so elegant and unusual, but, as far as we know, everything is in our hands, so let's not let them down, but quickly create a masterpiece with them. To make a bow tie, we need thesematerials and tools: wide satin ribbon (width - 5-6 cm, length - half a meter), thin satin ribbon (length - up to a meter, width - 0.5-1 cm), threads with a needle, scissors, glue, colorless varnish for nails, glue glitter (two colors), special bow tie hooks.
 materials for butterflies
Now let's start the work on our tie. First of all, we cut our wide satin ribbon so that one part of it is more than four fingers of our hand.
First we take one tape, we arrange it and we go through the stitches in the middle of the tape thread with a needle.
we tape the tape
We tighten the thread and twist it several times so that we have a bow. We make the second bow in the same way.
Both bows are glued and fastened with a thread, so that the thread passes through two bows.
We glue both bows and fasten
 the thread went through two bows
Now glue the edges of the first (the smaller) stones first, one row and then a smaller row with stones of a different color, cover with a clear varnish on top and wait 15 minutes for the stones to adhere well and the varnish to dry.
glue on the edges of the stones
Take a thin satin ribbon and attach special hooks for a bow tie to it. First we dress the slider, and from the same side we fasten the end of the ribbon in the slider so that it can be changed from ease of size, rather than having to alter the entire tie later. On the other side, attach the hook itself.
 thin satin ribbon
special hooks
It remains a small fraction, and you can safely try on your masterpiece-tie to your shirts and blouses. We connect the tape-base with butterflies with a small piece of ribbon of the same color as the bows.We sew this ribbon on the back of the bow.
 Bow tie with your own hands
That's it, your bow tie is ready! Now you can brag of all your acquaintances with such an excellent product, and also make such ties for all the colors of your clothes. And if you decide to present such a bow tie to your acquaintances as a souvenir or gift - it will symbolize your recognition and warm attitude.
Tie butterfly