Bracelet from the skin of an old bag

If you have a disused leather bag that you are going to throw away, or some other unnecessary thing made of leather or leatherette, you can not throw it away, but you can make a bracelet from this thing, for example, in a needlework. You can apply a fairly well-preserved pieces of leather, as well as the handle of the bag. To do this, carefully cut out all the suitable parts of the bag, and make a cord from the handle, cutting off a thin line of leather from it. 1. In addition to pieces of leather and lace, to create a bracelet you will need: contour acrylic paints on fabric; scissors (better manicure with sharp tips); ruler, pencil; a sheet of paper or cardboard; needle, thread (in tone of skin color).
 bracelet will require
2. We start with cutting out the workpiece for the bracelet. From the skin, cut a rectangle measuring 17 cm in length and 8 cm in width. These values ​​are, of course, conditional, you can make a bracelet of any size.
 Cut a rectangle from leather
3.Stepping back from the edge of 1 cm, use scissors to cut holes in two sides for attaching laces.
 cut holes
4. We cut 2 pieces of length about 15 cm from the prepared lace. After inserting the lace into the hole and bending it 1-2 cm, carefully sew it.
neatly sewing the string
5. Now let's start painting the bracelet. Draw a sketch to create a pattern using, for example, coins. We outline them, having in the form of a flower. We add some petals. It is possible to draw the whole picture by hand, as long as the lines are smooth, not curved.
 Draw a sketch
6. Cut the sketch on the outer contour and impose on the leather blank exactly in the center.
 Cut the sketch
7. We circle our flower with a series of pink dots, gently pressing a paper flower. We are waiting for 10-15 minutes to dry the paint, then remove it.
 Circle our flower
8.Cut the inner circle - the middle of the flower, superimpose it in the center and circle it in the same way.  Cut the inner circle
9. We dot the interior first. We plot a series of yellow and a series of purple dots.  Pasting a series of purple dots 10. Alternating pink, yellow and purple colors, fill the rows of dots with the middle of the flower.  fill in the rows of points 11. Pink color draws round flower petals. 12. In the same sequence of rows, we fill the round petals.
 fill the round petals
13. We put the points close enough, but at the same time we try not to touch each other.  put close enough 14. In the same way, we make out small petals.  decorate small petals 15.If a piece of leather cut out for a bracelet is scuffed, you can place small flowers from the dots of the flowers used in their place - you will not see any flaws.
carved pieces of leather
Leather bracelet ready
Leather bracelet with painting is ready! I wish you a good time for this work and get an excellent result!
 Leather bag from an old bag