Soon we will put daughter braces. She is very worried about this, teenage complexes and all that ... Have you come across such a situation? How to support the child during this period?


You can only support love. Show her photos of celebrities in braces, talk about that bright future when she has even teeth and a stunning smile, what will change in her life? years went with braces. By the way, problems with teeth indicate that it is impossible to express aggression in the family ... Change yourself, family relationships and your daughter's teeth will become smoother.

Be healthy.


I do not remember that in my family it was easy to express aggression, but fortunately, this did not affect my teeth)))

a guest04.04.18 20:53

A girl should clearly understand that it is better to fix everything now than in adulthood.

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Do you think it is easy to explain to a teenager?

Mom, you should hear the maximum number of positive recommendations about braces, and not instructions and thunderstorms.Just really, now is not the time when it was wild for us and caused only laughter, because they came up with so convenient and neat braces, that's what only sapphire braces cost for yourself! This is now generally fashionable decoration of teeth. Therefore, suggest to start a child just such an option, maybe it will interest faster!

I must say that then the teeth will be more beautiful than others

You can reassure her that now many people go with braces and nothing terrible. For example, find online photos of celebrities with braces and show them to your daughter. In addition, it is possible to enlighten the child, what the brackets are and why they are placed so that she realizes the full benefits of them. For example, go to this site. look at information about braces, orthopedic materials, their benefits, etc. Maybe this will help her not to complex.

And you put it not metallic, but some invisible braces. Now, after all, there are many different systems.