Brad Pitt and Nary Oksman introduced Amal Clooney

“Then Angelina and Brad’s relationship could still be saved — at least, it seemed to everyone. Brad was very upset with the break with Angie and how it would affect the children ... He had long doubted if it was worth it to get divorced, and at the same time was not completely sure whether they have a future with Angelina. George and Amal watched the sufferings of his friend for a while, and then Brad mentioned that he wanted to unwind, distract, and Amal remembered Nari, whom she knew through mutual friends. She thought, why not introduce them with Brad to each other? Everyone knows how Brad is fond of architecture and design, and a new project in one of these spheres could really morally support him. But no one could have imagined that Nari would sink so much into his soul, ”the insider shared.

True, despite the feelings that have flashed between them, Oksman already feels the pressure exerted on her because of the communication with Brad, and she does not like it.“Nary is accustomed to public speaking, and she is widely known in his circles as an expert, but you know, to go the same way that Pitt’s Hollywood wives are completely unprepared. The current attention of the press, which overwhelmed her in connection with the relationship with Brad, is too hard for Nari. In addition, she is very self-sufficient and does not want to be perceived as a woman of a Hollywood actor, even if she is as wonderful as Pitt. Because Nari is smart, she won't be in a hurry. However, this stirs the interest of Brad only stronger, ”the source added.