Brian Austin Green shoots paparazzi

The handsome man from the Beverly Hills 90210 TV show got tired of the persecution of reporters and began to rush at them with a weapon.
Brian and Megan in one of the moments of tenderness
Brian and Megan in one of the moments of tenderness
Brian with his formidable weapon
Brian with his formidable weapon

It is necessary to say that Bryan himself is needed very few people (after the stellar role in the TV series "Beverly Hills 90210" the actor is not much famous). Brian is under the constant eye of the reporters because of his bride, the fatal beauty Megan Fox.

The star Megan rose in the summer of 2007 after Steven Spielberg’s Transformers movie (the movie itself was hardly remembered by anyone, but the main character made a lasting impression on everyone). Since then, the 22-year-old beauty has become incredibly popular and is overwhelmed with offers from producers. In the meantime, the girl is going to marry Brian.

And so (apparently, out of envy of the glory and success of the beloved), Brian said that no more snapshot will not be leaked to the pages of magazines and not a single paparazzi will stick in their personal life with Megan. And who dares - those Brian will shoot.

Fortunately for journalists, the actor was not going to shoot with live ammunition, but from a paintball gun. At the hands of the scandalous star the paparazzi minibus has already suffered: large patches of paint completely disfigured the car.

December 6, 2007

how he got fat ((

Rather - matured.))

NO, fat))))

And yet he is sexy. How I dried up on it when the series watched!

And now - with tattoos, in a deliberately careless outfit ... mmmm ... well, such a paw!

I like this. And a lot of tattoos!

Oh well .... Normal. Just pumped up the muscles!))

And this Megan is right for him, the girl also has a head not everything is OK. He means shoots paparazzi, and she - defied the red tracks and appears on them in some terrible form lately.

I could not believe my eyes that such a beauty was disfiguring herself. Especially when!

She, too, seems to have increased her lips ..

And he also specially pumped the second chin?))

here you stuck to the guy!)))

maybe he just lowered his head)))

Farrell and Leto also have this "bundle of nerves" on some photos)))

))))))))) oh poor Brian, a vicious defka stuck to his chin))) okay, everything. lagging behind the guy))

Here you are about Farrell and Leto specifically?))) They anyway look better than Mr. Green.

here! became ashamed !!!)))) I hid it. He revered you and does not eat for the third day!)))

And about Summer KITI specially. of course - he knows your weaknesses)))

but ... in secret - they and her weakness too)))

))))) I knew that on purpose)) here! I'm not angry here alone ...

and your weaknesses Em, I do not know.