Buzova repainted in pink, Nyusha - in red

With the advent of heat, the stars began to experiment with their appearance.

Spring is a time of change. Someone gets a new novel, someone updates the wardrobe, but Olga Buzova decided to change her hair color. Now she is not just a platinum blonde, but a blonde with a pink shade.

Photo: @ buzova86
Photo: @ buzova86

The star TV presenter did not hide the reasons for changing the image. It turns out that such a prejudice is associated with another photo session.

"I like it so. Do not worry, I made this color for today's shooting ... And it will soon be washed off. Although I would be like that, ”- said the star in a personal microblog in Imstagram.

By the way, Olga Buzova is not the only one who surprised fans with a change of image. The singer Nyusha dyed her hair a fiery red color. By the way, also for the sake of filming. The result of the stylist’s work can be viewed right now on Woman’s Day website and, of course, in a new clip of a star called “Kiss” (read more here).