Buzova VS Loboda: who will go to Eurovision-2019

The network has already flared up the controversy, who will represent our country in Israel.

No matter how many commentators on the Internet did not repeat that Eurovision is for freaks and it’s time to stop participating in it, the competition in Russia is treated with particular trepidation. Do not believe? Here is the proof: the country barely managed not to get into the grand final (by the way, for the first time in the history of our participation), as the Russians began to choose the next candidate, who will represent our country with dignity next year. And the names are repeated the same.

Olga Buzova

Photo: @ buzova86

Well, where without the most popular singer in the country today! Olga seems to be the perfect candidate. The star is accustomed to increased attention, and therefore will not worry. And the fact that its authors can write a song for Olga, which from the very first time will be remembered by the audience, no one doubts. The only question is whether the Buzova itself needs it,because it is popular and without any contests, so why waste your nerves?

Svetlana Loboda

Another favorite singer, every song of which is a hit. True, not everyone remembers that the star was already at Eurovision in 2009. In Moscow, she represented Ukraine, but failed to enter the top ten - the audience and the jury awarded Svetlana 12th place. Since then, Loboda has become more popular, more talented and much loved by the Russians, so the support of the star in which case will be just crazy.

Philip Kirkorov

Photo: PhotoXPress.ru

“The mood color is blue” blew up all possible charts, and the Russians started talking about sending the singer back to the main European music contest. However, according to the rules of the contest, you cannot go with this song (the track should be no more than six months). And Kirkorov himself repeated more than once that as a performer at Eurovision more than one foot. But every year he goes as a producer - this year his trio DoreDos took the tenth line.


February 13, 2018 at 4:08 PST

Earlier, dissatisfied with Eurovision, viewers suggested sending the Leningrad group to the contest, but this year the course has changed, and instead of Schnur the Russians send Eldzhey.The young performer in his tracks, too, sends everything to hell, though not as intelligent as Leningrad. Eljey will definitely not react to Eurovision very seriously, and if he agrees to go to Israel, it’s just for fun. But the fact that he will reach the final, no one has any doubts. At a minimum, everyone will discuss the white pupils, which means that the performer will be exactly remembered by the audience.

Big russian boss

May 29, 2016 at 4:24 am PDT

The candidacy of the Big Russian Boss was suggested on Twitter. Another rapper, in which the Russian fans of the competition (and also hip-hop in parallel) have no doubt. The performer calls himself the king of rap (but not Russian, he considers not cool enough for himself) and performs with Pimp - the guy in balaclava. In general, this is a parody project, performers ridicule (and slightly insult) Russian hip-hop. You might not have heard of them, but in certain circles, Big Russian Boss is very popular.

If we talk about the fact that everything has already been done by Russia at Eurovision, the Big Russian Boss will definitely make a show that has not been seen at the contest.