Cakes without baking: from cookies, gingerbread and marshmallow

Marshmallow and fruit dessert

Marshmallow cake photo
Photo: Olga Safonova


Packing marshmallows (500 gr.)

500 gr. sour cream

2−3 bananas

400−500 gr. strawberries

How to cook:

Every half marshmallow we cut into halves. Bananas - slices, strawberries - plates.

We lay in a deep form in layers: marshmallows (heads leave for the top layer), bananas. We coat with sour cream. The next layer is marshmallow and strawberry. And so on (depending on the volume of the form). Top lay the tops of the marshmallow and pour the cream.

We remove for 2 hours in the freezer, and then overnight in the refrigerator. Make it necessary to melt marshmallows.

To make the marshmallow easier to cut, moisten the knife in water.