Calico wedding anniversary

Then comes the first anniversary of family life, which is called calico wedding. At 1 year old - Calico (gauze, cotton) wedding newly-made spouses get used to each other, trying to master ways to solve conflict situations that have arisen in everyday life. Changing the relationship of spouses to each other.

The passion that was present before the wedding is slowly fading away, because along with the legalization of relationships, sex becomes something commonplace. He loses that zest of mystery and unknownness that was present during the premarital meetings of the couple in love.

Love has not yet passed, it is warming in the hearts of young spouses. However, in the first year of family life, one should be as anxious as possible towards each other, avoiding harsh words during conflict situations that can hurt to the depth of the soul. Usually after small family quarrels the spouses are reconciled, but the sediment, in the form of unfair reproaches, remains. Thus, the spouses have to build their fragile happiness based on their experience in solving problem situations.

1 year - Calico (gauze, cotton) wedding is called that because it reflects the transition from the bright sensations of the honeymoon to everyday life, burdened by everyday life, which often spoils and destroys family life. At first, the couple spend a lot of time in bed, trying to know all the pleasures of bed life, study each other, drink to the bottom. A little later, when everything becomes known, the bedding of the spouses loses its strength, resembling a chintz.

What to gift?

According to the tradition, all sorts of fabric items are presented to the print wedding - these are cotton print linens, curtains, towels, all that is so necessary in everyday life. Such gifts are very necessary to create your family nest, to give such gifts is to follow the tradition. Back in ancient times, only those gifts that would be useful in the house were given to a calico wedding.

According to the custom, for 1 year - a sponge (gauze, cotton) wedding, the husband gives the wife a dress, as the saying goes: “The dress of the second day is already worn out”. In addition, spouses should make such gifts to each other, which would reflect love, for example, in the form of hearts from calico.Such a modest gift will not only please the second half, but also preserve the tradition in the family. In addition, it must be remembered that gifts are, first of all, a manifestation of warmth, love and attention.

After a calico wedding, the time comes.

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