Can children kefir?

Irina Kosheleva
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Can children kefir?

Dairy products have always been considered useful for children of any age. But is it really so? Is it possible for children to kefir, and if so, from what age? Many parents ask these questions.

Useful properties of kefir

Kefir, of course, must be present in the diet of children. It contains the fungi and bacteria necessary for the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and has a beneficial effect on its microflora. Stomach microorganisms, in turn, save them from all sorts of gastric infections, such as staphylococcus and gastric tuberculosis.

If you have been treated for a long time with antibiotics that kill all bacteria, both beneficial and harmful, then kefir is the first medicine to restore the microflora.

In addition to all this, in kefir mass of amino acids and vitamins. Thanks to him, the appetite increases, and kefir easily quenches thirst. Its regular use improves the sleep of the child and strengthens the nervous system.Milk protein, which is contained in kefir, is absorbed better than from milk.

From what age to give kefir

Despite all these useful properties, is it possible to give kefir to a child in early childhood? Unfortunately no. Pediatricians recommend starting lure kefir no earlier than a year. The fact is that kefir contains casein, which is poorly absorbed by the small, not yet strong, ventricle of a child.

The abundance of protein, which is in kefir, will also damage the kidneys of the child, as well as the minerals in kefir. Therefore, it is better to start feeding with adapted mixtures, and only then transfer the child to kefir, first 100-150 ml per day, and then gradually increasing the dose.