Can I make a panoramic glazing apartment?

In the movies, such beauty is shown when the window is on the entire wall. I live on the 16th floor, I also want to do. Tell me how))))
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Answered on November 29, 2014 11:57
Of course. You can install these windows! With the development of technology, you should not be afraid that with such windows in the apartment it will become colder or they will be covered with an ice crust in winter. Modern panoramic windows have different coatings, electric heating of the glass, and inside, the glass unit can be filled with inert gas to trap heat in the room. You should not be afraid that someone will spy on you, because in the panoramic windows there is tinted glass. From the street it will look like a mirror, but from the inside it will be transparent. The only point that needs to be taken into account is that in order to make the panoramic windows in the room, it will be necessary to demolish the window sills. Before you begin their demolition, consult your local utility company.You may not be allowed to demolish the window sills, as this will spoil the appearance of the facade of the house. Here with balconies and loggias things are easier. Replacing balcony windows with panoramic windows is a common thing.