Can the liver hurt?

Natalya Taraskina
Natalya Taraskina
February 15, 2013
Can the liver hurt?

People do not like to be ill. I also do not really want to go to the doctors. Therefore, we immediately begin to “listen”, where does it hurt? Then think about what hurts us? Most of us remember that the liver is located on the right, therefore, as soon as we kill it in our right side, we sin on this organ. Can the liver hurt?

Let's first understand what the important processes in the body are responsible for the liver.

  • Neutralizes substances such as poisons, allergens and toxins.
  • Makes harmless and removes excess hormones, vitamins and biologically active chemicals.
  • Regulates carbohydrate metabolism, participating in the process of digestion.
  • Participates in the replenishment, storage and metabolism of vitamins.
  • It synthesizes cholesterol and regulates lipid metabolism.
  • Responsible for the synthesis of bile acids.
  • It also serves as a storage place for large amounts of blood, which may be necessary for blood loss or shock.

Is pain in the liver possible?

Scientists say that the liver has no nerve endings, so it can not get sick.But that support frame, which encloses the liver (stroma), can give pain. With an increase in the liver, connective tissue is stretched.

The liver is not there alone. For example, there is the gallbladder, which can give pain. Especially with bile stasis or when the stone closes the bile duct.

There are many symptoms of liver disease. But only a doctor can make a correct diagnosis, and then after a serious examination. Do not neglect your health, take care of it since childhood. All diseases, except for genetic, as a rule, acquired.