Balloon Box

Take a board and with the help of a wine cork we seal the hole, level the surface with an acrylic putty, wait for drying and finally remove the unevenness with an average sandpaper. Then with white acrylic paint we cover the surface of our board and
Casket - souvenir

Casket - Dandelion souvenir

The composition is made in the combined technique of primed textiles and guilloche. Used cloth and tape. At the beginning of the draw patterns. The leaves have an unusual shape, like a Christmas tree. And the head resembles a pear. Separately, we make a sketch of the drawing
Master-class jewelry box with a lily

Master-class jewelry box with lily

The basis of the container, and the flower is made of shiny plastic suede. In this paper we will use: - A small plastic container with a screw cap. - paper tape. - scissors. - pink fabric for the box ...
Box for photos and memorable little things of your baby

Casket for photos and memorable little things of your baby

Surely every mommy has the most pleasant and incredible sensations and memories when she gives birth to a daughter. This moment is always very exciting and I want to literally capture every second. Therefore, try to take a picture or shoot on
Casket from a wooden napkin

Wooden napkin box

If you want to give someone an original gift with your own hands, or just do something new for yourself, but you can’t decide what you want, then I suggest you consider this version of the craft. Wooden napkin box

Casket "Mother's and Daddy's Treasures"

The biggest and most welcome happiness in every family is the birth of a baby. Starting from the very conception, and ending with childbirth, the baby every second and moment is alone with his mom. Carrying a baby under the heart is the biggest
Casket from a reel with ribbons and fonamir

Reel box with ribbon and foamiran

Out of tape, left an empty solid reel, do not throw it away! It can make a great box for storing jewelry or other important details. For example, you can create just such a bright striped casket! For manufacturing
Bubonniere in pastel tones

Bubonniere in pastel colors

Vintage boxes are always attractive and interesting.You can make a round beanbox from cardboard bushings from scotch tape and other materials that are always in the cupboard at the needlewoman. Materials: • Two thick sleeves from adhesive tape; • Thick cardboard; •
Reel of Scotch Tape

Scotch Reel Boxes

Surely every woman has often thought about where to store small items needed in the household such as buttons, beads, rings. Of course, you can buy any casket you like in the store, but it's much nicer to make a storage box
Decorative jute casket

Decorative jute box

At first glance, a rope of jute is most often used to bind some weights. However, even from it you can create interesting things, for example, a casket, vases, bags, etc. I would like to offer to make a small casket. This
Making the box

Making the Blue Shine Box

This box will serve for the storage of creams, hairpins, rubber bands, and other hair ornaments. For work we need: - scissors. - empty box. - the cloth. - tapes of different widths, blue shades and a little green. - a garland of blue beads. - thread with
Casket of CDs

Casket of CDs

Do you have old, unnecessary CDs lying around your house and you want to throw them away? Do not rush to this, you can make a casket from them that will serve you for many years. For the manufacture of the box we need: - 4 CDs. - Cardboard. - Pencil. -


How many unnecessary boxes collected in the house in order to "maybe come in handy"? Packs from old mobile phones, perfumes, sweets are waiting for their “high point” - general cleaning. Meanwhile, one can make wonderful exclusive jewelry boxes.
Casket - case for storing small items

Casket - case for storing small items

Hello, dear site visitors. Today I present to you an original casket - a case for storing small items that can be made by hand, from simple materials at hand. Items like silver
can be put into it.
The original casket of improvised materials

Original box made from scrap materials

Many craftsmen prefer to make everything with their own hands, especially the boxes for handicrafts. It is very simple, not expensive and original. You can make a box of exactly the size that is needed, as well as the color that is most
Stone casket

Stone casket

If after repair you have decorative textured plaster, soil with quartz filler, empty reels from scotch tape, do not rush to throw them away, all this can be useful for making a casket. First you need to make a basis for


Each woman has her favorite jewelry. They are convenient to store in caskets - then they will not be lost, and will be at hand all the time. Caskets are different - metal and wooden, plastic and woven, and I suggest you make a casket of
Wedding Jewelry Box for Money or Rings

Wedding box for money or rings

To create this original box you will need: • a box from a mobile phone, scissors, a needle and a thread; • a piece of pink satin and double-sided tape; • width of organza ribbon: white - 5 cm, yellow - 4 cm, orange and light green -
Round casket from newspaper tubes

Round newspaper casket box

In our time, weaving is increasingly popular among newspaper tubes. Lesson is not difficult enough, besides it is very fascinating and interesting.The cost of acquiring the source material is almost minimal, since all that
Crafts from CDs
42 965

Crafts from CDs

In order to always reign in your house, you need to store small things somewhere. For this business our perfect wonderful handmade jewelry box is perfect. To work, we need super glue, an old box of medium size, a cloth of two

Casket-chest "Sea Breeze"

A little more time and summer will come, all the residents take to the streets and, of course, to the beach. This is a wonderful time to relax and feel the breeze of the near sea, river or, if you are lucky, even the ocean. In the meantime, this time has not yet come, you can
Leather Casket

Leather box

This box is quite suitable for storing various small items, as well as the original packaging for a gift, as well as itself can serve as a gift. This is one of those products that allow you to get the joy of creativity in the process of their
Original Box

Original casket

The 21st century is a time when technology develops faster than a person manages to deal with previous innovations. Moreover, this is the time when people are trying to buy the attention of a person with the help of various gifts, which they wither
Beautiful box from the egg carton

Beautiful casket from the egg box

even a completely useless beautiful bauble. Or: we urgently needed some thing, there is no time to go to the store (or - let's say secretly - money), and this thing is easy to make ourselves from scrap materials.