Catholic Christmas is better to spend in Poland

The celebration of Christmas remains one of the main traditions of Christianity. Despite the fact that the days of celebration of this day are different for representatives of the Catholic and Orthodox faith, this day is quite interesting and joyfully held by all Christians. If someone is not familiar with the traditions of the celebration of Christmas on the Catholic rite, it is best to visit a country where there are strong religious traditions and celebrations.

You can familiarize yourself with the rules of celebrating Catholic Christmas in Poland here, interesting material also allows you to more deeply understand the traditions of the Polish people, history and culture. It is also important to take into account that any religious holiday has a certain preparatory period. Christmas is always associated with folk festivals, but in Poland everything goes more restrained. The focus is on the services in the church, congratulations of loved ones, family dinner.

To feel the atmosphere of the celebration of Christmas in Poland, it is better to visit this country during the holidays. The tourist will be able to feel the atmosphere of the holiday and understand how Christmas is celebrated in this country.

The main attributes of Christmas in Poland

Christmas in Poland is a long-awaited holiday, therefore, preparation is carried out in advance. In each church in the country, schools and public places are arranged den. First, each family sets up a Christmas tree in the house - the main attribute of Christmas. The main decoration of the Christmas tree is lights, various toys, balls are used. The Christmas tree in Poland resembles a traditional Christmas tree. The whole family is engaged in decorating the Christmas tree, at this time also preparing for the holiday in the kitchen.


Traditionally, the family sits at the festive table when the first star appears in the sky. This and, is a symbol of Christmas. There should be 12 different dishes on the table. The presence of fortified drinks on this day is undesirable, mainly wine.

Tracking the traditions of celebrating Christmas in various countries, we can note the presence of a Christmas dish.In Poland, the carp plays the role of the Christmas dish. It is served in various forms. It can be stuffed carp or stewed with vegetables.

Interesting is a sign that is associated with the preparation of carp. Usually, a large fish is selected, and the whole family participates in the cooking process. When the carp is cleaned, the owner of the family picks up the scales and puts them in his wallet. It symbolizes good income, luck and good luck.

Christmas Holidays

Usually, during the Christmas season, Christmas holidays are arranged in Poland. They last from ten to 14 days. Christmas holidays are provided so that each family can spend these days together, the children can go to their parents, meet relatives and spend holidays together.

Usually, after the families celebrate the holiday at the table, the second part begins - congratulations. Congratulations are held in different forms, everyone is trying to get in touch with family and friends, go to mass festivities, sing carols.

Given the deep traditions of celebrating Christmas in Poland, we can conclude:

  • In this country, Christmas is a family holiday.
  • In preparing for the celebration, the rules and traditions are respected.
  • The celebration is associated with worship services throughout the country.
  • The Poles have an extra weekend of Christmas.
  • Arranged mass folk festivals.

Practically, Christmas is a holiday that matters throughout the Christian world. It is quite interesting to celebrate Christmas in a country where long traditions are observed, there is its own culture of celebration, fun and congratulations of loved ones on the day of the bright holiday of Christmas.