Causes of age spots

Hormonal changes

The use of oral contraception, pregnancy or taking other hormonal drugs can provoke pigmentation. Therefore, before taking the medication, you must read the instructions for use and consult a specialist.

UV exposure

Sunlight, tanning beds can cause pigmentation. Even tanning milk can cause skin pigmentation. All this is due to the peculiarity of the organism in some people.

Stress and stress

Against the background of stress, any psychological stress on the body, pigment spots may appear. It is especially dangerous if stress reaches a state of neurosis. Lack of vitamin C can also contribute to the appearance of skin pigmentation.

Drugs and cosmetics.

If pigmentation appeared during treatment for any other disease, then you should pay attention to the instructions for use.Some drugs have side effects such as skin pigmentation.

Cheap and poor-quality cosmetics applied to the skin, can cause the appearance of age spots. To prevent this disease, you need to buy proven and high-quality cosmetic products.


This is the most common cause of pigment spots. With age, the body wears heavily. The body's cells in large numbers begin to accumulate pigment, but do not have time to be updated. Because of this, there are darkened skin lesions. The work of the liver and kidneys is not the same as in youth, and the body begins to release substances harmful to the body through the skin. Partially, the radicals are deposited in the skin cells, thereby disrupting the synthesis of proteins and even the very structure of DNA.

Hormonal adjustment

In adolescence and in the region of 40 years, women experience a restructuring of the body, accompanied by changes in hormonal levels. On this basis, such an unpleasant illness may arise for women.

Skin cancer

The most terrible cause of pigment spots is skin cancer. Pigmentation can hide this serious disease.Therefore, before lightening the pigmented skin, you need to consult a dermatologist.