Cedar oil in cosmetology for the face, hands, nails and hair

Benefits and Harms of Cedar Oil


In an effort to prolong youth and preserve health, many resort to traditional medicine. However, cedar oil is also recognized in official medicine, so you can be sure of the benefits of its use. The main advantage of this oil is the composition, which is rightly called the pantry of useful and healing substances.


  • Vitamin F, which is especially necessary for those who live in ecologically polluted areas and need polyunsaturated fatty acids. In cedar oil, this vitamin is even more than in fish oil!
  • Vitamin E, the use of which prevents the occurrence of cancer and helps to preserve youth and beauty. The content of these vitamins cedar oil exceeds even coconut and olive oil.
  • A group of vitamins B restores the nervous system, relieves depression and insomnia.
  • Vitamins P lower cholesterol.

Although cedar oil contains many useful substances in its composition, remember also about individual intolerance.

Cedar oil application

Cedar oil in cosmetology for the face, hands, nails and hair

The amazing composition allows the use of cedar oil for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. This remedy helps with stomach ulcer, tracheitis, ARI, increases the elasticity of blood vessels and is used for the prevention of varicose veins, oncological diseases, articular rheumatism and polyarthritis. In addition, it strengthens the immune system, improves the mental and physical condition of a person. But it is very popular in cosmetology. Women have already seen that cedar oil helps preserve beauty and youth. However, for the face, hair, hands and nails, only the highest quality oil is chosen, which is indicated by the integrity of the bottle, the color, the flavor of the oil and the ingredients that make up it.

The quality of cedar oil is determined by its aroma and appearance. The best is dark, but not muddy oil with a sourish smell.

Cedar oil for face

With peeling, dryness and coarse skin of the face, cedar oil is an urgent and urgent help! It nourishes,restores, heals and softens the skin, which is especially important in the winter, when the face is more vulnerable to the aggressive factors of the surrounding nature.

It is impossible not to notice the positive effect of cedar oil on fading skin, as it tightens it, accelerates cell regeneration and rejuvenates. Girls of any age can use it as a cosmetic product, since in this respect the oil has no contraindications. Redness, inflammation and itching are forever a thing of the past, if you regularly use masks based on cedar oil. You can even use oil from cedar to replace make-up remover.

Use oil to care for the face and in its pure form, and when it is added to the cream and mask. To achieve a greater effect, it is better to heat the oil and lubricate the entire face or damaged areas with it. Connoisseurs of folk remedies replace cedar oil with any vegetable that is part of the masks and balms. The effect is evident after a couple of weeks of regular application.

The complexion is significantly improved, a healthy blush appears and the skin is cleaned if the oil is used not only for external use, but also inside.You can even set the mode: drink oil for 1 tsp. 2 times a day for 30 minutes before a meal. The course lasts for 1 month.

Cedar oil for hands and nails

Cedar oil in cosmetology for the face, hands, nails and hair


To determine the age of a woman, you can first of all on her hands. If you do not pay enough attention to their care, the skin will lose its elasticity and healthy tone. The role of hand and nail oil is simply irreplaceable! The main purpose of use is to nourish, restore and protect the skin. To achieve a high result, you should not be limited to one month of regular use of oil. It is better to make it a rule to constantly lubricate their hands and nails, and then they will look well-groomed and neat at any age!

It is especially important to take care of the condition of the skin in winter, so lubricating the hands with cedar oil moisturizes the weathered skin. The presence of antioxidants suspends the process of aging and wilting, with the effort you need at least! To care for your hands it is enough to lubricate it with oil for the night. Already in the morning the result will be stunning!

If you lubricate the nail plate with cedar oil, it will become stronger and nail growth will accelerate.Now you do not need extensions or artificial nails for a beautiful manicure, since you will have your healthy, long and strong nails! When lubricating softened cuticle, so you will need a manicure less often.

Cedar Oil in Cosmetology for Hair

Cedar oil in cosmetology for the face, hands, nails and hair

The use of cedar oil in cosmetology helps to get rid of major problems with hair and scalp. Hair loss, hair loss, dandruff, inflammation and itching will be a thing of the past if you add a few drops of cedar oil to your masks and balms.

To achieve the best effect, a mask is made at home: 1 yolk, 3 drops of cedar oil and 1 tbsp are mixed. l. honey. This composition is applied to the hair roots and washed off with shampoo after 30 minutes.

The following remedy is used against dandruff: freshly brewed tea, cedar oil and vodka are added in equal proportions. Blends until smooth and applied to the hair and scalp for a couple of hours. You need to use this tool 2 times a week, and the duration of the course is from 2 to 3 months.

The use of cedar oil helps even those who suffer from high head fat.For regular care, you can apply a couple of drops on a comb, and your hair will please you every day with its natural shine, radiance, silkiness and pleasant aroma!