Cheating on charging for electricity

From whom: Irina Vladimirovna Veshcheva. Rostov-on-Don, Mineralovodskaya 128 sq. 71, e-mail: evolklp

About fraud in the accrual of payments for electricity by the Western production site of PJSC "TNS Energo Rostov-on-Don" mail

Since February 2014, this office has charged itself with an average of twice as much as it was actually over the counter plus ONE at 120-160 rubles. per month With my actual average consumption of 70 kW. Charged 150 kW. We paid according to the meter readings plus ODN, the readings were transmitted through the Sberbank payment terminal. The transmitted testimony was ignored, but did not react to the appeals. Thus, by May 2015, an unreliable debt in the amount of 3,600 rubles was created. They nevertheless wrote off part of this debt and at the same time a fine of 1600 rubles was charged for allegedly untimely and incomplete payment of bills, which still hangs on the personal account.

And that's not it. In April 2015, these comrades turned another interesting operation: a fake settlement account of this office was loaded into payment ATMs. The transaction took place and the money was not credited to my personal account.They responded to the appeal that the money had not been received. look for. Helped Sberbank - found! Looking for half a day. The money was in this office on a different current account.

My numerous appeals to write off unreasonable payments are not responding. He received a standard reply to the appeal to the State Housing Inspectorate.

Tell me what to do.

August 3, 2018 Regards Irina Veshchev

a guest30.08.18 13:26

What is there to think, you need to contact a lawyer for help. I can advise Igor Noskov - He will help you in resolving this issue. Moreover, all the bills, receipts and letters that you wrote are on hand. To be sure, you can see on his site a list of cases that he won.