Children's apron

I’m more than confident that most people don’t sew a kitchen dowry like an apron, but buy it in specialty stores. Buy a ready apron is much easier and faster than personally sew. But believe me, it will be much more pleasant for a baby to wear apron on himself, made by his beloved mom. Especially since it is sewn quickly and without much hassle, especially if you have a sewing machine. When manually sewing an apron, you need 2-3 hours of time, with the machine - 30 minutes. This apron was sewn by hand, it did not require any drawing bases. For sewing a children's apron we need:
 we need
• A piece of cloth size 50 × 50; • Colored chalk or pen; • Satin oblique inlay - 4 meters; • Scissors; • Canvas; • Suitable floss of different colors; • Thread and needle; • • Pins. 1. First you need to take measurements from a child with a measuring tape. Since this product is intended for a little girl of three years, the length of the apron will be 42 centimeters. Optionally, you can make the length of the "mini".This size is designed for growth, so the apron covers a little knees. 2. Now, on paper or newspaper, by the measures taken, we are creating a pattern. Cut it and apply to the fabric. Then trace the outline of the pattern with chalk.
 outline of the pattern with chalk
You should not leave the allowances, as the apron will be trimmed around the whole outline with a satin bake. The color of the thread should be in tone satin oblique beykoy, because all the seams on it will be clearly visible. 3. Together with the preparation of the apron, we cut the pocket in the form of an apple or heart.
 we cut a pocket
4. Before work, an oblique satin ribbon must be folded in half and ironed for further ease of use.
 fold twice and iron
Now sew on the edges of the future apron Bake.
we sew around the edges
It is advisable to process with edging seam. 5. Top apron and ties for practicality sewn from satin bake.
 are stitched from satin button
Thus,we cover all the edges of the apron completely.
 we sheathe the edges of the apron
6. Now we proceed to the decoration of the pocket. To begin with, we select the embroidery scheme for the size of the pocket. In my case, this is a funny smiley.
 funny smiley
With the help of canvas, floss and needles, we create a funny drawing.
 make a funny picture
You can add the name of the child for whom the item is sewn to the image. 7. Then we sew the canvas with the ready-made pattern on the fabric blank and process the edges of the pocket with a satin bake. Then sew a pocket to the apron and decorate it with small bows.
 we decorate with bows
8. Everything, the children's apron is ready.
 children's apron
Enjoy your time in the kitchen with your child.