Christmas tree of tinsel

On the eve of the New Year holidays, the decor dedicated to the upcoming holiday is considered the most relevant. In our country it is customary to decorate not only your home, but also office premises, kindergartens, schools, shops, etc. Practically every person tries to create a festive atmosphere, and therefore invests all his mood in the décor being created. Tinsel cone spruce is one of the most accessible and simple ways to create artificial Christmas attributes. The most important thing is that when you perform such unpretentious work you can fantasize, and change it in the course of your activity. If you put all your good mood, desire and positive mood into the creation of such a decorative item, believe me, you will have an ideal and unsurpassed result! So, we will need the following materials: - a cone of half a sheet of ordinary drawing paper very simple); - tinsel of any color and thickness at will (3-4 pieces of 2 meters); - PVA glue; - decorative small balls for the Christmas tree; - glue gun;- tip - star (optional). Take a ready-made cone and gently apply glue to its surface,distributing it evenly. It should not be applied immediately to the entire cone, but gradually, starting from the top. After that, start fixing the tinsel, going down and not forgetting to apply glue to the rest of the cone. After you finish decorating the cone with tinsel, let it dry for a while, and then fix the New Year small balls - toys with a glue gun. If necessary, cut off excess material at the bottom of the product, especially if the spruce stands unevenly. After that, you can put a star on the tree and send it to the exhibition of decorative objects in your room. You can decorate such a tree with lanterns, beads or rain.