Dream of clay

Clay in a dream directly or indirectly means problems with money. Sometimes she points to the troubles that have arisen in connection with the complication of relations between relatives and friends. Circumstances do not add up in favor of the dreamer, so he has more and more enemies and other people complicating his life.

Female dream book

A large amount of clay foreshadowed long-term financial difficulties. It was possible to dig a hole on the clayey shore - hastily get ready to attack the offenders. They are already plotting against you. Saw clay when digging a hole in the soil - be aware that your new plans will bring many problems and complications to their implementation. For a woman to dream of clay - an unfavorable sign. This is a warning against wrong or too hasty actions in relations with the chosen one.

East Dream

Basic interpretations:

  1. Clay in its pure form - a decrease in finances in the budget, strong monetary losses.

  2. To dig a hole on the bank of a clay-covered river � because of ill-wishers, you will have to make concessions that you have not planned before.

  3. When digging a hole, unexpectedly came across a layer of clay - your plans may be shaken due to the onset of new circumstances, which were very difficult to assume.

The newest dream book

Often clay becomes a harbinger of diseases:

  1. This substance in any color is a possible sign of a disease of the joints, as well as tissues in the spine.

  2. Blue, blue or green clay - the deterioration of affairs on the personal front.

  3. Red clay is associated with skin. It is a precursor of the disease of both the skin and nearby tissues. May also indicate blood and lymph disorders.

Family Dream

Clay configurations in a dream:

  1. Clay close-up - soon serious disease. It is necessary to monitor your health as much as possible.

  2. Clay in hands - someone from close people will leave this world.

  3. Dirty in clay - there is a risk of getting into trouble. The magnitude of the accident is as large as the large area of the body covered by the dreamer.

  4. The walls of the house suddenly became earthen � there is no scandal in the family.

Clay rarely becomes a precursor of auspicious events.Often this substance is a sign of the onset of trouble, quarrels, difficult circumstances. To get out of these problems as a winner, you need to be smart and work hard. Then troubles will be overcome, accidents forewarned, and problems eliminated.