Cocktail "Cuba Libre"

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Cocktail "Cuba Libre"

Cocktail "Cuba Libre" is also called "Free Cuba", so its name is translated from Spanish. The history of the cocktail begins in 1900. According to history, at the end of the 19th century, a national liberation struggle against the Spanish yoke broke out in Cuba in order to gain independence. At the same time, there was a war between Spain and the United States. America decided to take advantage of this situation and supported Cuba. And already in 1898, Cuba was liberated, and in 1900 Coca-Cola appeared in Cuba. And a few American soldiers who lingered in Cuba went to a bar in Havana and mixed rum with cola and lime juice. At the same time they made a toast "Viva la Cuba libre", which meant "long live free Cuba". So the now famous worldwide Cuba Libre cocktail appeared.

The composition of the cocktail Cuba Libre

  • 60 ml of rum
  • 120 ml of cola
  • lime juice
  • ice

Cuba Libre Cocktail Recipe

  1. In a tall glass, which is called a "highball", many ice cubes fall asleep.
  2. In the same glass with ice pour 120 ml of cola.
  3. In a shaker, mix 60 ml of rum and freshly squeezed lime juice.Perfect for a cocktail Cuba Libre light rum brand Bacardi
  4. The mixture from the shaker is poured into the highball without stirring.
  5. The edge of the glass is sometimes decorated with a slice of lime.

In addition to this classic Cuba Libre recipe, there are other ways to make this Cuban cocktail. Cuba Libre is made on the basis of rum and cola, and variations of the cocktail were made with the help of a change of rum varieties, various carbonated soft drinks. A tall highball glass is sometimes replaced with a Collins glass. For example, the following alternative is the Cuban Missile Crisis cocktail:

  1. In the highball fall asleep crushed ice.
  2. Add to it 60 ml of Bacardi 151 rum (this stronger rum is indispensable for the preparation of the Cuban missile crisis.
  3. Next you should squeeze half a lime.
  4. Then pour all the cola.

The club version of the Cuba Libre cocktail is the Cuba Pentada cocktail. The method of preparation of the cocktail does not change. The main condition - the cola must be poured in half with soda carbonated water.

American bartenders can prepare the visitor a cocktail according to the recipe of Cuba Libre, but they will call it the “Little Lie” cocktail.

Cocktail "Bright Cuba" as a variation of Cuba Libre is prepared with dietary cola. To taste the unusual Hot Cuba Libre, add a spoonful of hot Cuban sauce to the cocktail. Mixing red Spanish wine with Coke, you get a cocktail called Rioja Libre.