Ctfmon exe - what is it?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
May 30, 2012
Ctfmon exe - what is it?

If you have ever run Windows “task manager”, then among others you might have noticed the system process ctfmon exe, what kind of program is this, you ask? Ctfmon is a Windows system process. Its main task is to manage alternative data entry (if you are an inexperienced user, then Windows supports data entry not only from the keyboard, but also handwritten as well as speech). And this process is responsible for the icon with the abbreviation of the current language in the taskbar (otherwise called “tray”) about the clock on your computer. Ctfmon exe is included in almost all versions of Windows and is also installed together with Microsoft Office. At the same time, ctfmon exe is not a necessary system process (that is, the system will work without this program). But you should not delete it, because then it will be impossible to switch the input language from the keyboard.

How to repair ctfmon exe

The reverse problem is possible when your language panel disappears and you cannot switch from English to Russian or vice versa. The most common reasons for this are the absence of the ctfmon exe file at startup or even on the computer.In this case, try to turn on the system search in the Windows folder and after finding the ctfmon, add it to the autorun. If the search did not detect ctfmon exe, downloading it on the Internet is not the best way. To get started, try running Windows system file recovery, ctfmon exe will also be restored. You can also copy this file from the windows installation disk. Only it is necessary to take into account that on the installation disk they are stored in a compressed form and the last letter of the file extension is replaced by an underscore. Therefore, on the disk we are looking for “ctfmon.ex_”. After copying the found file to the Windows system folder (usually “C: \ Windows \ system32”), it needs to be unpacked with the command “expand”. Recovery example (this option is suitable for many Windows system files):

  • Copy "ctfmon.ex_" to "C: \ Windows \ system32"
  • Open terminal (Start -> Run -> Type cmd -> Ok)
  • Type expand C: \ Windows \ system32 \ ctfmon.ex_ C: \ Windows \ system32 \ ctfmon.exe

Or you can install a third-party keyboard layout switch, for example, “Punto Switcher”.

Ctfmon exe - virus ???

At the moment, the number of malicious code (computer viruses) is amazing in its diversity. Even the newest antivirus cannot guarantee detection of all viruses.Therefore, attention and accuracy of the user comes to the fore. It is required to remember in the case of ctfmon exe, that a malicious program can present itself as a process with the same name. Be careful, the ctfmon file must be located in the Windows system folder and should not generate Internet requests. Otherwise, there is every reason to believe that there is a malicious code in this system file and you should check it with antivirus with fresh databases.