Custom Italian Furniture

To create a unique interior you need to order author's products. Ordering an author's high-quality furniture today is easy, there are specialized companies on the market, such as, for example, the Mebelino factory. Now any exclusive custom-made furniture: living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, closets, dining rooms, cabinets, children’s, etc. delivered as soon as possible. At the same time, you also save, since we are selling exclusive furniture without a chain of intermediaries.

Something about styles


The retro style reflects the rich heritage of past centuries. Classicism, Empire, Gothic - these words are widely known to everyone. In classicism, particular preference is given to straight strict lines, and for perception classical interiors are transparent, clear and harmonious. Furniture, as a rule, is supported on straight legs, like columns. Gothic - long and pointed lines, converging somewhere in height, strictly, but aerial.It shakes its completeness.

Country Style

The word this means in English both the village and the country. The style appeared in the United States, but has long become international. We can say that the Russian hut in its original style also falls under the concept of "country". Simple, wicker or wood, but not necessarily painted furniture, and as accessories - rustic textiles and earthenware.


The once very popular Baroque - the richest decoration with gold and marble, soft, carved furniture, amazing frescoes ... The main tree for making furniture is oak and walnut. Mahogany and ebony became used much later. Upholstery involves velvet large and catchy pattern. Huge and soft armchairs, bureau and comfortable chairs with a relatively low back are obligatory in the setting.

You can talk endlessly about furniture styles. Moreover, the modern situation fully admits their harmonious mixing. After all, the interior of the room is a matter of taste.

Products are elegant, functional, ergonomic - this is a real flight of fancy. So, by ordering exclusive furniture you will receive on time and without complications products that bring the atmosphere of aristocracy, wealth and tranquility to your home

To order furniture that matches the taste and emphasizes the individuality of the owner, it is first of all necessary to choose a product from the manufacturer's catalog. Here are the models that have earned worldwide recognition. Next, we will sign a contract with you, and after making a prepayment, the order will go to the factory. Ordering furniture on order in furniture, you get a special approach to your business - they are always aware of the latest trends of the fashion.