Cvetotip appearance of a person


Achieve individuality, find your own style, unique image, while not addressing the help of stylists - the dream of many women. You can revise glossy magazines, flip through Internet pages in search of fashion trends in the fashion world, but not achieve what you want. At the same time, the secret of elegance and style lies entirely in the other. The main thing is to observe - the right combination of colors and carefully approach the correction of the appearance of the person given to him by nature itself.

The secret of the secrets of harmony and beauty will be revealed to you at the moment when you can determine the color type of your own appearance on your own.

Cvetotip appearance of a person

The history of the concept of "color type of appearance"

All objects and living things around us have their own color. For a man, this is one of the components of his perception of the world. As early as the beginning of the 17th century, Newton tried to estimate the meaning of color for human consciousness. It was in his work "Optics" that he discovered a spectrum for humanity. This new concept at that time was taken as a basis by many physics scientists, artists, architects, and psychologists in their scientific research.More than others, this discovery is appreciated by stylists, beauticians, makeup artists, designers and fashion designers of the fashion world.

So where did the concept of "color type of appearance" come from? The pioneer of this term was the artist, a connoisseur of European and modern art, and part-time the creator of the book “The Game of Color”, Johannes Itten. He investigated the properties of color, its nature, the ability to change depending on the appearance of a person.

The relationship he established by observing the students of the art school of art.

As a result, he made the following conclusions - girls with different colors of hair, eyes and skin, preferred to work with different shades of colors. At the same time, even the saturation of tones was varied. In accordance with these preferences, Itten formed a theory about the color types of people's appearance.

In the wake of the success of this discovery, books about his own research are being written by many hitherto unknown authors. These works are translated into many languages ​​of the world, they are quoted, and take note of as a guide to action. These books have become a platform for the development of the concept of the right combination of colors, which is not questioned today.

How to determine your color type of appearance: tips

It would seem that it can be difficult to determine the color type of a person? In addition, there are not many varieties. In order not to “reinvent the wheel,” they were designated in tune with the seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. However, this has nothing to do with the time of year in which the person was born. This is the key to the “casket” of that color palette, which fits to each of the listed color types.

Each of these color types is characterized by its own set of colors, which can be selected independently. Using the advice of experts, everyone can conduct a test for determining the color type. However, it is not enough to study the exact characteristics and approaches to the definition of this concept. It is still very good to understand the color palette, shades and nuances of colors. Not all people can accurately say which of the colors has a warm tint - red or green. What can we say about the entire palette of shades of the red color. To choose the right range of cosmetics for applying makeup, hair and clothes, you must have artistic taste and imagination in order to mentally “try on” everyone. The female half of humanity is endowed with a similar vision of color, with rare exceptions.

You do not have creative inclinations, and did not finish art school? This is not a criterion! A little workout, a little more experience and observation, and you will definitely succeed!

Cvetotip appearance of a person

Determine the color type of appearance: novices errors

Before you begin to learn the basics of determining the color type of a person’s appearance, you need to point out the mistakes that beginners make:

If you set out to determine your color type of appearance, then definitely not out of idle interest. Get ready for the fact that you are sure to find among your belongings and cosmetics those that in no way fit the ideal image. It is necessary to get rid of even those in whom the soul is not at a loss. In order not to be so insulting, donate inappropriate things to your sister, girlfriend, mother;
The fact that you have defined your own color type does not mean at all that all the colors of this gamut will suit you perfectly. It may happen that some shade is not too in harmony with your appearance. Did you notice it? Already good! Discard it, use only those that beneficially emphasize the virtues of your appearance;
Finally, it will take a long time to create a truly perfect wardrobe and makeup. Therefore, do not expect immediate results, work purposefully on yourself.

Complicated? At first glance, of course difficult! However, each large river begins with a small stream. Therefore, start with the basics, and very soon you will feel the admiring glances of your friends, and the male half of humanity.

Definition of color type of appearance: tips

In order to learn how to distinguish color types, you must first learn to understand the basics of the science of color:

Find differences between warm and cool tones;
Distinguish pure color from mixed. For example, an ashy hue gives the color of the chestnut, gray added to it. This will help you numerous scraps of tissue, paper, objects of different colors and shades. Only visually you can see the difference in the tones of one color;
Try to fantasize, looking at your favorite thing on a hanger in the store. Now close your eyes and imagine it for yourself. Only after that try on a thing, and look at yourself from all sides. Did you imagine it that way?

In order to make it easier for you to decide on your own color type of appearance, take the test.

It should be noted that the definition of color appearance is not the easiest task.Sometimes, it causes difficulty even for novice stylists.

The results of determining the color type are affected by the correct lighting.

To get the correct result, there should be one answer to each of the questions posed.

Before you begin to determine the color type, prepare. To do this, do the following:

Clean your face from makeup and tonal resources;
Sit in front of a large mirror so that the direct sunlight and the light of the lamp do not blind you;
Remove the hair on the back of the head (tie in a ponytail, braid, or put on a cosmetic bandage);
Ask for help girlfriend. Let her answer the questions about you with you.


The tone of your skin.

A) Noble bone, gentle beige, light bronze;

B) Cold pinkish, porcelain whiteness, cold ice shade with blueness;

C) Noble bones, delicate shade of peach, beige, closer to golden, or to yellowish;

D) Light, with olive shade, very pale.

How does your skin react to sunlight?

A) The skin darkens instantly, acquiring a golden hue;

B) The skin darkens, but with a tint closer to gray or olive tint;

B) After a short time in the sun, the skin turns red. After the redness subsides, the epidermis acquires the original color;

D) The skin is well tolerated by the sun, but it does not darken much, sometimes acquiring a hue of olive.

Cvetotip appearance of a person

Eye color.

A) Light border around the iris of the blue, amber or greenish-olive eyes;

B) Any color of the eye with specks of a cold shade on the iris. At the same time, the color of the eyes itself is not bright, somewhat muffled;

C) Any color of the eye that has specks of warm tones on the iris. The color of these eyes is also not bright;

D) Light, radiant of all colors and shades, with bright white proteins.

Natural hair color.

A) Light brown color of warm shades of ripe wheat, bright reddish, chestnut with warm notes. B) All hair colors with cold ashen, silver shades;

B) Any natural red, chestnut-colored warm shades;

D) Bright black curls that sparkle with silver or eggplant tint. This category includes unique blond with dark eyes.

Color eyebrows and eyelashes.

A) Blond, light blond (reddish) blond;

B) Ashy, grayish shades of blond;

B) Redheads, up to brown-haired;

D) Black (raven's wing);

Cvetotip appearance of a person

Birthmarks, moles, freckles.

A) Pigmentation warm shades of gold;

B) There are only moles with ashes;

B) A large amount of warm chocolate color pigmentation;

D) Clean skin without signs of pigmentation.


A) Delicate shades of peach;

B) Cold pinkish tones;

B) In the form that we used to see the blush, it is not. He appears in extreme heat or cold;

D) Light, almost imperceptible blush.

Lip color

A) Gentle pink;

B) Saturated pink;

B) Shades of pink, salmon and red warm tones;

D) Colors closer to bluish and purple hues.

Test result:

Now look what answers you got more than others. This will be the color type of your appearance:

A) People suitable for the category of answers under this letter belong to the color type “spring”;

B) In the category "B" signs of appearance related to the color-type "summer" are collected;

C) According to the classification of descriptions of appearance, concentrated in this group, the color type “autumn” is characterized;

D) If you score more values ​​under the letter “G”, your color type is “winter.”

Cvetotip appearance of a person

Colors of clothes and makeup for each color type


No wonder people with the signs described above are called this radiant and sunny season. Remember the bright shades of young grass, the whitish-blue delightful sky, the yellow balls of fragrant mimosa, the amazing violets and lilies of the valley - the delightful joy of a new life.

All warm shades of light colors - pink, dairy, beige - will suit people of this color type. You can not wear and use in cosmetics rich, flashy colors that will sharply contrast with their color appearance types.

Love everything bright? Tie a catchy handkerchief or buy a bright handbag.


The hot sun, sand, sea, rich greens - all muted, grayish tones. The only color type, which will suit any colors of cold shades. The only exception is a bright orange color. It is better not to use it in cold or warm colors.

In addition, with care should be used in the wardrobe, and for decorative cosmetics all shades of brown and chocolate. Black color change to a saturated gray of cold tones.


Bright colors of fading nature - red-yellow leaves, languid golden-bronze sun, rich brown bark of trees. Still alive, but such a quiet and overcast, muted tones of nature.

This color type is characterized by saturated colors, striking unusual shades. Perfectly look all options of brown and chocolate colors, red, orange, marsh-green, bright peach.

Cvetotip appearance of a person

Do not use shades of light green and lemon in the wardrobe and cosmetics. They make the skin look grayish. But the color of mustard and cinnamon will saturate your skin and hair with unsurpassed radiance.


Clear winter sunny day. Imagine a snowy plain with the splendor of all shades of blue and silver. Against this background, a thin and delicate rowan tree with bright clusters of berries. The game of contrasts is what benefits the people of this color type with the most. They emphasize their aristocratic features and cold, "snowy" beauty.

Girls who belong to the “winter” color type can combine all the colors and shades of cold in their image. At the same time, such courage does not seem vulgar and challenging.

Another simple way to determine your color appearance is to take two pieces of cloth, one of which is pink with a cold tint, the color, and the other - yellow with warm notes.Sit in a well-lit room in front of a large mirror. In turn, apply each piece of cloth to the face, and draw the appropriate conclusions:

A cold hue of pink will suit the summer and winter colors;
The color type "autumn" and "spring" is yellow.

You will definitely see the difference, if the color types and colors of the fabric do not match, the face will appear tired, the skin will be gray, and the dark circles under the eyes will stand out particularly clearly.