Diet Kovalkova

Today the diet of Kovalkov, a dietitian and owner of a weight correction clinic, has become very popular. This method of losing weight will allow you not only to lose weight, reduce your volumes, but also normalize the body's work. Under this system, you can lose weight by yourself or in the author's clinic. The diet as a whole is not easy and consists of several stages.

Stages diet Kovalkova

Preparatory stage

Objective: to prepare the body for certain restrictions in the diet, reduce appetite, get rid of several bad habits. The duration of this stage lasts at least two weeks and a maximum of a month. Then you will go on, in fact, the very diet of Dr. Alexei Kovalkov. The most important rule of the preparatory stage is the rejection of those carbohydrates, whose glycemic index is very high. So, you need:

  • Stop eating bakery products, for example black bread, bran rye and protein.
  • Refuse from boiled beets, corn and carrots.
  • Eliminate fructose, fruits high in sugar, honey, sweets and dark chocolate, sometimes allowed on other weight loss systems.
  • Forget about white rice, potatoes (even baked) and pasta.

And, of course, alcohol is a real taboo during the whole preparatory stage. Your diet should be cereals, fruits, beans, vegetables, lentils. Drink every day at least 10 glasses of non-carbonated water (preferably more). You will overcome insulin "swing", which increases your appetite from eating carbohydrates. Remember that you need to eat five times a day and in any case not to overeat.

Pros: You will reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, due to the fact that reduce the consumption of sugars. You lose a few pounds of your weight if you follow all the rules and eliminate overeating. Often, overeating is caused by stress, not by the fluctuation of blood sugar. Therefore, carefully monitor the portion sizes at the preparatory stage.

First step

Purpose: to arrange a little stress for the body in order to disperse the metabolism, clean your digestive tract, train yourself to small portions of food, connect the sport. It is necessary to continue the first stage from 10 to 14 days.

Conditions: strictly adhere to the menu and daily routine.In the morning, on an empty stomach, be sure to walk for at least an hour at a fast pace.

Dr. Kovalkov's diet - menu:

  • Breakfast: 30 minutes after the walk, have a breakfast with low-fat kefir (200 ml), a tablespoon of pine nuts and a tablespoon of powdered bran.
  • Second breakfast: after 2 hours, eat one apple.
  • Lunch: after 2 hours, another apple.
  • Second lunch: in 2 hours half a grapefruit or an apple.
  • Snack: again after 2 hours, half a grapefruit or an apple.
  • Dinner: vegetable salad (200 grams) with oil-lemon or oil-vinegar dressing.
  • For the night - one glass of milk or protein from two boiled eggs.

Pros and cons: for 10 days it is necessary to abandon the gym, since weight training will not bring you any benefits during these 10 days.

Second phase

The goal: to establish a comfortable diet and start intensively get rid of fat mass. The second stage lasts from one month to seven.


  • You can, if desired, add seafood to vegetables, apples, bran and kefir.
  • All products are steamed, do not fry in oil.
  • Meals should be 5-6 meals a day.
  • You can eat any vegetables that are not prohibited at the preparatory stage.

Pros and cons: The diet is not very rich. Almost completely complex carbohydrates are excluded, therefore problems in mental activity and strength capabilities can begin. But at the same time, the diet of Dr. Kovalkov is very rich in fiber with vegetable origin, and this will allow you to gain 130 g of carbohydrates per day, which are so necessary for the body.

Third stage

Objective: to consolidate the results obtained for the entire diet.


  • Gradually add cereals, the glycemic index of which is at a low or medium level (barley, buckwheat, wild and brown rice).
  • You can afford some bran or black bread every 3 days and baked potatoes.
  • You can also occasionally drink some dry wine and eat some dark chocolate.
  • Use olive oil instead of vegetable oil. Limit milk and cream fats.
  • As rarely as possible, and as little as possible, eat pastries and sweets.

As a result of this diet, you will switch to a completely healthy diet. If you are accustomed to adhere to such a system always, you will never again come across overweight. Dr. Kovalkov’s diet has almost no drawbacks, which is already considered a big plus!