Discard, pliz, phones or websites of companies that rent apartments in Chita

LOOKING FOR 100 PERCENT RELIABLE OPTION !!! Discard, pliz, phone numbers or websites of companies that rent apartments for daily rent ??? well or maybe which one of you does? with friends for the weekend going. clean and tidy guarantee)))))))
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Answered on July 27, 2016 11:31
And for what? Tusu? Or in the case? If the first, then look at avito.ru. Most killed just fit. They have a small price tag. And the clue is that there will be a type for 8 people in the ad and it is not forbidden to smoke)))) Well, if the latter, then look at this site gostevie-kvartiri.ru. The apartments are great there. The price tag is also adequate. For a kosarik you can rent a one-room rather decent one. I myself rented a hut there for 3 days about a year ago.