DIY Bowler Tripod

One of the advantages of outdoor recreation is cooking on an open fire, why the ear, the kulesh and even simple tea seem incredibly tasty. But it is not always possible to find suitable stones to build a kind of hearth. Therefore, taking a light tripod made of aluminum tubes with you is an excellent solution, since it does not take up much space, is quickly assembled and convenient to use. Of course, you can buy a finished product from the factory assembly, but for a craftsman who likes to do everything with his own hands, it's not interesting.

Necessary materials and tools

To build a tripod for a hike, the following materials are required:
  • 3 pieces of an aluminum or thin-walled steel pipe 150-200 cm in length. The longer the tubes, the higher the tripod will be.
  • 3 steel bolts with eyelet.
  • 3 S-shaped hooks.
  • Metal chain to suspend the bowler.
Tripod for the pot with your own hands
Tools will be needed:
  • Hammer
  • Bulgarian or manual hacksaw bymetal.
  • Pliers.

Manufacturing a hiking tripod

Now you can proceed directly to the assembly of a tripod. If pipes of greater length were prepared, they need to be cut to a convenient length, which can be any. To connect the bolts to each other, unclip one of the loops so that you can put on the other bolts.
Do-it-yourself tripod tripod
The most convenient way to do this is to hold the bolt in a vice and unscrew the ring with pliers or a gas wrench. This is the most difficult part of the tripod assembly, so you have to tinker a little. When the eye is sufficiently pressed, the rings of the two other bolts and one end of the chain are put on it.
>img src="" style="max-width: 100%;" alt="Do-it-yourself tripod tripod">
After that, using a hammer, the unclenched ring is compressed so that the worn elements do not fall out and the design remains intact. The tripod legs are connected in this order. The end of the bolt with the nut screwed on it is inserted into one of the pipe ends. If the nut in the pipe loosely hangs, then you need to knock on the pipe on a hard base a little higher and lower than the nut on a hard base and flatten it a little.This will reliably fix the nut in the tube so that the tripod does not disintegrate at the most inopportune moment.
Do-it-yourself tripod tripod
When this is done, an S-shaped hook is put on the chain through 3–5 links from the top of the tripod, which will allow you to adjust the height of the dish above the fire. Tip! The end of the hook, which is put on the chain, must be clamped with a hammer or pliers so that it does not fall out and is not lost during transport. If the chain is too long, then it must be shortened so that the dishes are at a height of several centimeters above the ground when the tripod is unfolded.
Do-it-yourself tripod tripod
Another S-hook is put on the last link of the chain, the end is clamped. The crockery will be hung on this hook: cauldron, kettle, kettle or other suitable utensils.
Do-it-yourself tripod tripod
You can adjust the height of the dishes above the fire by moving the tripod legs or chaining the chain over several links to the top hook.
Do-it-yourself tripod tripod
From the advantages of this design, its compactness and ease of folding / unfolding should be noted.
Do-it-yourself tripod tripod
If you wish, you can slightly extend the functionality of the tripod. For example, in the legs you can drill holes and fix additional hooks on which you can dry shoes or hang dishes away from the fire so that the food does not cool. Pay attention! When breeding open flames in nature, fire safety rules must be observed! You also need to monitor clothes dried over the fire or shoes, so that they are not burnt. To do this, the legs of the tripod should be of such length that their lower part can be located at a sufficient distance from the fire and remain cold.