Do-it-yourself paving tiles

Tile prices in recent times have begun to rise comically. Although there is absolutely nothing scarce. I have been making tiles myself for my own needs for a long time and therefore I occasionally watch prices on the market. The process is not something that is not cunning, but rather elementary. Slightly more difficult than making sand cakes.
Do it yourself paving slabs
The cost of this tile is determined only by the prices of cement and sand, and I get the sand for free. With my tile, I usually lay out paths and paths in the garden. Once I even put her parking under the car.

Production of tiles

We start with the preparation of the cement solution. I take the proportions: 4 buckets of sand, 1 bucket of cement, 1 bucket of water. Mix everything well and pour it into wooden forms. That's all. Forms made of wood made by hand have served me for more than 5 years. The main contour is timber, and the rail is on top, which actually holds the whole structure. I made ten such shapes.
Do-It-Yourself Pavement Tile
Knead the solution in a plastic basin (it is very easy to clean) and measure proportions with a plastic bucket of mayonnaise. I already know how much the solution leaves on all ten forms, and therefore I knead it exactly so that there is no excess.
Do it yourself paving slabs
Do it yourself paving slabs
Be sure to wear rubber gloves when in contact with the mortar, otherwise the mortar will quickly corrode your hands. That is, the performance rate of 10 tiles per day and 70 tiles per week. I usually pour in the evening, take out a new solution in a day.
Do it yourself paving slabs
Sidewalk tiles with your own hands
In a month, 300 pieces are produced! And it is without much difficulty! If the tile is subjected to heavy load - I recommend putting a piece of steel grating in the middle when pouring mortar, for durability.Well, if it is for pedestrians, then it’s okay.

Laying paving slabs

Tile is laid in the same way very easily. We dig out a groove for a tile approximately along the height of the tile. Align the path to the width and height. It is necessary. A little tamp the ground. Then put a layer of sand. Well, on top we lay tiles at a small distance from each other, so that in winter everything will not crack and not burst. As everyone is laid - the cracks fall asleep with sand. That's all - you can safely walk.
Do-it-yourself paving slabs

Shape of tiles.

Forms for tiles you can come up with another shape. I made the most simple. They are very easy to pack together. Squares are even simpler.


Doing your own hands can and should do the tile. This process will save you money. It is even an idea for a business, on which you can earn good money. Start selling fashionably with neighbors. The tile, that who lives in private houses, is necessary almost always. So take a note. Good luck!