Do I need a navigator?

Alexandra Bychkova
Alexandra Bychkova
February 19, 2013
Do I need a navigator?

All people, both motorists and pedestrians, make daily movements along the street, city, country. In our age of technology, there is no concept of the inaccessibility of any particular point in space, since there is a simple gadget - a navigator to solve this issue. Does he need a man, what are the disadvantages and advantages of this device, we will look at this article.

Navigator is a device that is able to receive and transmit signals of its location from the satellite. Currently, the accuracy of positioning reaches 3-5 meters, which, of course, is a strong advantage over ordinary maps. So, is it worth buying a navigator? Sure, it's worth it, since this device has a number of advantages.

Advantages of the navigator

  • Quick search for the desired street and house in the city (both for motorists and pedestrians);
  • Fast orientation on the terrain, allowing you to move from a favorable point of view (both on and off the highways, with the necessary reduction of distances);
  • Ability to plan a route (allowing you to advance to the lanes when driving by car, find the desired destination);
  • Note on all existing service points (hotels, banks, gas stations, pharmacies, shops, cafes, exchangers, attractions);
  • Evaluation of the intensity of the movement of the flow of cars, warning of traffic jams;
  • The ability to rebuild in the mode of walking (with a story about the sights);
  • Estimation of distance between points of movement
  • Warnings about bends, “speed bumps”, traffic lights, speed limits, as well as an estimate of the speed of your car;
  • Irreplaceable help to the mushroom pickers in the forest (the navigator will record your movement on the ground with a red line, and also help you find the car if you check it in advance);
  • Great help at night and in bad weather;
  • Performing a program in your native language (excellent help in an unfamiliar country whose language you do not know).

Naturally, it is better to update the navigator maps before the trip, so as not to run into repairing the road or a non-existent house. Perhaps this is the only drawback in navigators in addition to the possibility of losing communication with the satellite.