Do not know where to store shoes in the country? Then PVC pipes to help you

Many will bring to the country all that is a pity to throw out of the city apartment. Very often, country houses are filled with old stuff, losing space and comfort. Do not turn the cottage into a landfill. Old and cumbersome furniture, which hardly copes with the tasks assigned to it, it is better to give someone for creative experiments. And for storing things, use non-standard ideas and techniques.

Storing shoes in the country can be a real problem. After all, you need to place and city footwear, which then go home, and beach slippers, and rubber boots to work in the garden. In order for each pair to have its place, and all the shoes were in excellent condition, organize the original rack with separate cells.

This design will accommodate not only the shoes of the whole family, but also that in which the guests invited to the barbecue will come. You will need a PVC pipe of such thickness that the highest boots fit into it.

Such a rack can be made high, up to the ceiling.In the upper part will be stored those shoes that you rarely use. And you can put there clean shoes "for the city." In this case, you will not be tempted to get clean white sneakers and run through them along the beds.

If you buy pipes in the store, the project may not be as budget as we would like. But for many such material remains after the repair. Look at the sites for the sale of used materials, where they can be sold much cheaper. Even short pieces will suit you. For the connection you need a special PVC glue, which is sold in hardware stores.

Cutting pipes is quite easy with a hand saw or a hacksaw. Choose a saw with the smallest teeth, so the cut will be neater. After this edge is better to handle fine sandpaper. In order to connect the sections, coat each of them with glue. It is better to attach the shelf to the wall using special brackets. In this case, you can move the entire structure if necessary.

If you are sure that the shelf will always be in the same place, glue the lower part to the floor and the upper part to the ceiling. The design is somewhat utilitarian, but you can beat it by adding a few details in the hallway in the same style.

Such a rack will forever wean your family members to throw their shoes all over the hallway!