Does anyone know how the money is distributed from the current account during the liquidation of NPOs?

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Answered on December 13, 2014 11:11
The answer to the asked question can be fully obtained by reading article 20 of the Federal Law of 12.01.1996 N 7-FZ. Well, if in brief, then after the liquidation of the company, if there is money left from the payment of creditors, then the remnants go towards the goals, in the interests of which organizations were created or for charity. If there is no such possibility, then the money goes to the state. With the elimination of the partnership - the money to the children of the members in proportion to the contributions. Once again, all the nuances are written in the article. Look in the consultant
Answered on February 1, 2016 09:08
We liquidated the company was registered by an accounting firm, they completely solved the issue with the accounts.