Does it hurt to lose innocence (innocence)?

Kristina Mamaeva
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Does it hurt to lose innocence (innocence)?

Many people confuse similar concepts - "innocence" and "innocence." However, let us examine once and for all: �innocence� happens in court, and virginity is only �innocence�. Let's talk now about whether it hurts to lose virginity and why.

Many girls are frightened not so much by the loss of innocence, but by the appearance of painful sensations during the first sexual intercourse. In fact, only a small part of the girls have a loss of innocence that is really accompanied by pain and a small amount of bleeding.

In other cases, the cause of the pain is its fear itself. It is fear that makes all the muscles of the body, in particular, the vagina, shrink very strongly. Because of this, there are unpleasant feelings at the beginning of sexual intercourse. Therefore, answering the question whether it is painful to lose innocence, we can safely say: it hurts if you are afraid.

In addition, not always during the first sexual intercourse the hymen breaks.Often, the gap occurs only during 3 or 4 sexual intercourse, and all this time the girl may experience slight pain. However, they should not be afraid, because with the right approach, pain can be easily avoided.

Painless defloration: techniques and techniques

First of all, you need to completely trust your partner: distrust breeds fear, and, as we said, it is he who is a common cause of pain. However, apart from trust, you will also need a lonely place in which you could calmly relax and not be afraid of prying eyes.

A long and exciting prelude is the key to a painless defloration. She will allow the girl as much as possible to get excited and relax at the same time.

Be sure to use a lubricant and a condom. They not only protect against infections and unwanted pregnancies, but also help make sexual intercourse more tender. All movements of the partner must be slow and accurate.

By following these simple tips, you can make your first sexual intercourse not only painless, but also very pleasant.